HSBC Women's World Championship

Thursday, 29 April 2021

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Gaby Lopez

Quick Quotes

Q. How are you feeling?

GABY LOPEZ: I love this golf course. I love the weather. It's hot but yeah, I mean, I feel that the golf course is in great shape and the greens are rolling just as good as they could ever be. So very solid out there off the tee, very, very strong. Hit good fairways. Hitting it long off the tee. So I think that's helped me eight lot for sure.

Q. What do you like most about Singapore and returning to this course?

GABY LOPEZ: I don't know, I just feel the golf courses are different than in the US. I think that they are like longer and they are just like very -- just bigger. Bigger greens. The conditions are unbelievably good. So I just like the challenge. I like how you've got to be like a good ball hitter to be able to score here.

Q. And that's something that I feel like you've been working on and working on to get to this moment. What does a round like this do for your confidence here in Singapore?

GABY LOPEZ: It just builds up. I've been working a lot for just being stable. It's getting little by little better and I feel I'm doing that and focusing on the right little thing. Sometimes it's overwhelming to make a huge step forward when you really need to take it five feet closer to the pin every time. It's just five feet closer to the green every time and doing my stats with ABX has helped me a lot with just focusing on exactly what I need to practice to make it efficient.

Q. What is it about Singapore and getting used to these type of conditions where you seem to thrive?

GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, México is hot. I just like to be able to be loose physically. I'm someone that is very stiff muscle-wise, so sometimes I struggle a little bit in like very cold conditions because I tend to get really, really tight. So just being able to get loose and I mean, just enjoy that we are so far away from home. We're so lucky to be honest to be able to get to know the world. My friends tell me all the time, my gosh, you're getting to know Singapore. I don't get to see the city but I get to be here and that's for sure a blessing, being able to travel and do what I love around the world. I think that's probably the biggest blessing we get to have.

Q. When did you really start the momentum kick up today in this first round that you felt kind of your confidence come back?

GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, I hit great shots into my front nine, which is the back nine. I hit great shots. The putts weren't just dropping and I feel that the greens break a little less than what they look like. So just taking probably more aggressive lines on the putting green and being a little bit more confident stroke, that for sure kind of got my line starting a little better.

Q. What's different in Singapore is that we have these earlier times to combat what's to come this afternoon with a thunderstorm potentially and the heat. How does that setup differently from the LPGA Tour in America?

GABY LOPEZ: Yeah, for sure, being able to play early in the day and have the afternoon to rest and get a good read of a book or having a TV show to watch, I like it. I like it to be kind of on my own. And yeah, it's great that we get to play early. We get the job done early. The golf course is great in the morning, so it's not blowing that much. The course is tougher already playing with wind. It's probably going to play windy sometimes. But yeah, I just feel that this is a great place to be.

Q. And what is there to work on or improve upon heading into tomorrow's round?

GABY LOPEZ: I feel just a little bit of wedge play, if I can get a little closer with my wedges, I'll give myself many, many chances and since I'm hitting a little longer, just be able to tidy that up.

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