HSBC Women's World Championship

Friday, 30 April 2021

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Xiyu Lin

Press Conference

Q. Take me through your second round?

XIYU LIN: Today, it's a little different than yesterday. Obviously I teed off two hours later, so way more hot. Definitely it's a tough challenge and today there are some really good pins out there. But I still think I played really solid. Plus I make two like super, super long putts, which is kind of nice.

Q. Where did you make the long putts?

XIYU LIN: 9th hole, I made like a 40-footer, and then 12th hole, I make, I don't know, it's front of green. It could be like 25-yard putt, like 60-, 70-footer. It's crazy.

Q. What does it do for your confidence when you're able to hole those longer putts?

XIYU LIN: I wasn't thinking a lot. Like ninth hole, I wasn't happy with my approach shot but then I just like, you know, stay with it. If you don't make the putt, just get 2-putt and out of there. I had a 3-putt on the fourth hole early in the day, so the speed wasn't judged really well.

So I just tell myself if it's longer putt, focus on the speed. It's so nice both of them got in.

Q. You look like you have a bit of a heat rash. How have these last two days been for you?

XIYU LIN: We haven't played in hot weather for a long time, especially the humidity. I've played really well, so the heat rash, doesn't really matter. This week, I was saying I need to build my confidence, so I force myself not to practice or even like practice quality, so more of trust myself. So that avoids time on the range and saves energy like Shanshan.

It's so nice to have her back, and on the night over, we talked a little bit. I asked her some things about my game and what's her thinking and she gave me some good advice, of course. This week she just keep telling me, don't work too hard. These to days, actually, funny, she's around my tee time and she only got here and start practice like 20 minutes before her tee time. But she's doing great, so, yeah, that's something I can learn from.

Q. What's some nuggets of advice she gave you on the flight?

XIYU LIN: I want to keep it secret for a little bit.

I mean, I just kind of ask her, because having a good week, it needs four good rounds together and always be a little dodgy in one of the rounds. Yeah, obviously she's a very experienced golfer, so I'm so glad she's back on Tour and I'm able to talk to her again.

Q. Must be nice to have a mentor like her on the road with you each week?

XIYU LIN: Yeah, for sure and then I mean just see she's definitely a little bit different personality than I am. She is so outgoing and she is so positive. You know, it's just so nice to be around her.

Q. And what is there to focus on heading into tomorrow? You'll be, again, a later afternoon tee time with the score you had today?

XIYU LIN: Well, I guess keep hydrated first. That's the one biggest thing. And then playing-wise, I mean, so far I've been doing everything I wanted to do, so I'm very happy and I just going to keep it going.

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