HSBC Women's World Championship

Friday, 4 March 2022

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Amy Yang

Quick Quotes

Q. So beautifully played out there. You had a total of seven birdies I think it was.


Q. Can you just take me through your round.

AMY YANG: I was hitting the ball very solid today and also putted well. But I was more aware of how to prepare for each shot than, you know, what outcome would come. And I think I did manage well today.

Q. And you had a really steady start to the year, played well in the last two tournaments. Is there something you've changed about your form? Or what's sort of your goal for this season and what you're taking into it?

AMY YANG: I mainly -- I've worked on some like swing sequence, better rhythm, and also notice like how important to recover every round. I think it's really going like on the right direction.

Q. And last year you finished top 15. Is there something about this course that just suits your game? Is there any holes that you particularly like?

AMY YANG: I mean, like overall I love the country and the golf course. I do enjoy coming here, and I think that kind of mindset just helps me better to enjoy more each day.

Q. And the conditions, obviously last year it was very hot. Are you finding the conditions easier this year? Is it just the same? What do you do to deal with them?

AMY YANG: You know what, I just thought of it like yesterday, oh, it's not that hot as I thought before. So it's definitely hot, but I've been living in Florida for like the past ten-plus years, so I'm used to this weather.

And of course I drink a lot of water and try to stay in the shade a lot, and just enjoying every day.

Q. And what do you think you'll take to go into the weekend? Is there anything you want to work on or prepare?

AMY YANG: No, just keep it simple and just nothing really you can do, like except you really prepare well for the tournament. So that's it.

Q. When you're on the course, do you still ever think hole by hole, or do you just take it? Do you like to think ahead, like how you're going to finish the round, or do you just want to take it easy?

AMY YANG: It's more each hole and each shot. It's not easy to do it. Your mind goes everywhere. But I try to do that. And every time I do it, mentally, I'm pretty quiet in life, so I like to keep it that way.

Q. You talked about having a calm mentality on the course. Can you expand on that?

AMY YANG: You know, like, it's easy to -- it's easier --

Q. It's easy to overthink.

AMY YANG: Yeah, it's easy to overthink, and you try to control that you cannot control. So only things I can do is just prepare well for the shot. And whatever outcomes, you just accept it, that's it.

Q. Yeah, and you kind of just take that peace, like it's easier to just not get all clogged up in your head, just take it as it goes?


Q. And do you think that's really what you like take in as your mentality at the start of this year?

AMY YANG: Yes, yes.

Q. And you think it's helped?

AMY YANG: Yes. It is really helpful. And my game had been like that last few months, even last two rounds, too.

Q. Amazing. Thank you.

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