HSBC Women's World Championship

Friday, 3 March 2023

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Nelly Korda

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Here with Nelly Korda. Solid day out there. Conditions I know weren't ideal, but three birdies, an eagle, and one bogey on the card. Just walk me through your round.

NELLY KORDA: Yeah. Kind of had a slow start. Got put off the golf course on 5 fairway. And then bogeyed No. 7, and then kind of got it back on 8 and 9. And then eagled 12 -- or, no, birdied 12 and then eagled 13. So that was nice.

Overall, I think it was pretty solid. Couldn't really hit any of the par-3 greens, which was kind of frustrating today, and that's kind of where my mistakes came in today.

But overall, I think with the weather and the delays going in and out kind of, it was solid.

THE MODERATOR: Obviously, 13 is the Aon Risk Reward hole this week. Just kind of walk me through your decision-making on that hole.

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, the tee was moved up today. And I just had like not a full 3-wood but a controlled high 3-wood. That's what I was trying to hit into the green.

The pin was back left, and I hit it perfectly. It was just off the back of the green, and decided to putt it. Typically that's not what I do. I always chip everything when it's off the green. And rolled the putt in.

THE MODERATOR: Just being in and out all day, actually, really in once, and then back out, but it took a while to get back out there, how do you kind of keep your body loose? How do you keep your mind in it? I know that's a really long delay.

NELLY KORDA: Yeah, I obviously ate after, around noon, and then I went to the gym. I made sure that my body was loose and my muscles were activated just in case we were sent out.

And then obviously I had a pretty quick warm-up. And, yeah, I mean, everybody is kind of going through it. But I made sure that I went to the gym and kind of activated all the muscles and making sure that, you know, sometimes when you go -- when you get off the golf course and you sit down, like your muscles get really cold, to explain it, in a way, and they get tight.

So I made sure to go to the gym and kind of warm up properly, just prevention from injury.

THE MODERATOR: That seemed to pay off. I mean, obviously, kind of played your best golf in that next seven-, eight-hole stretch. How do you stay patient? I know we're going to get more of this weather, and how do you kind of keep your expectations low or try to manage those?

NELLY KORDA: Just know that everyone is going through the same situation. It is what it is. That's the beauty of golf. I feel like you endure different types of weather. And you just kind of repeat to yourself that you love golf and you love what you're doing.

These long days are hard, and a lot of people don't really -- viewers don't really know like about our days like these. You know, I think I was with my caddie for over 12 hours today, and many people don't really see that side of our life.

But it is what it is, and Mother Nature is what it is, and sometimes you kind of get stuck in the storms.

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