HSBC Women's World Championship

Sunday, 5 March 2023

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Ashleigh Buhai

Quick Quotes

Q. Another great round today and your third top 10 in a row, in 2023, can you talk about your round today?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, obviously very happy with the finish. Playing really solid again but a little frustrated on the back nine. My two bogeys today were two 3-putts; they were really soft bogeys. But I stayed very patient, and I finished birdie, par, birdie.

Q. YOU finished in time for the rain. How are conditions?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: They were very good today. There wasn't much wind at all compared to yesterday and thank goodness we just got in. We literally ran from 18 tee to get in.

Q. In terms of looking forward to the rest of the season, after a really strong start to the year, can you talk about how that is compared to other starts in the year and how you're feeling going into this year?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: It was definitely my best season, well, start to any season. Feel like I've taken the momentum from last year into this year. Third week in a row, got one more week next week, the South African Open. Obviously I'm looking forward to that, and hopefully I can keep this momentum going.

Q. It must be really special to go back and play in front of your home fans?

ASHLEIGH BUHAI: Yeah, I think it will be, especially after winning The Open last year and being able to go back for the first time and play, I think with everybody there, it's going to be a really cool feeling for me.

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