HSBC Women's World Championship

Thursday, 29 February 2024

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Linn Grant

Quick Quotes

Q. I'm here with Linn Grant after the final round of the HSBC Women's World Championship. Solid round out there. How do you feel about your game?

LINN GRANT: I was a bit, I would say confused with my ball-striking for the past week. Like this morning, I really tried to take my time on the range and find something that felt, like, good enough, and that I can play with, and I feel -- I was trying to be very focused on every shot and not just take anything for granted.

So in my mind, I was just playing very simple, just thinking one shot at a time. Especially with the wind, that's usually a good way of playing.

Q. Is there anything that's going -- you're trying to tell yourself when you're on the range, basically not to freak out when you are having those kind of days, because it is golf and your swing is not going to be the same every day.

LINN GRANT: Yeah, like I said, last week was a bit of a struggle, so coming into this week, I've just gone back to some drills that I know can work and try to figure it out where as much as I know the ball is missing one way and not both ways. I think from today on, it will be a little better tomorrow. So one step at a time.

Q. And have you played here before?

LINN GRANT: Last year.

Q. And how would you compare the course this year?

LINN GRANT: Definitely drier. It was very wet last year. A different course for sure. I think the setup today was quite difficult with the wind.

Q. There's a new bunker added to 18. Did that change your strategy coming in there?

LINN GRANT: Yeah, for sure. I kind of carried the first part of it, so I hit a good drive over it but it went left into the bunker, which forces you to go a bit more right where you don't want to be. It's one of those tee shots you have to have your focus on.

Q. We are still in the beginning of the 2024 season, but what are your hopes for the rest of the year? What are you looking forward to?

LINN GRANT: I feel like every year I play professional golf, take it each week. Obviously for the season, just try to get more comfortable with playing out here.

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