HSBC Women's World Championship

Friday, 1 March 2024

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Peiyun Chien

Quick Quotes

Q. Here after your second round, a solid round today, can you talk about your round and how your game is looking out there?

PEIYUN CHIEN: I shot pretty solid today. I putt a lot of good putts, and I think today the pin positions, it's still very hard in the morning, I still do some work, still thinking to play very safe today. But I did very well and I had a lot of birdie chance, so it's a good round for me.

Q. What aspects of your game worked?

PEIYUN CHIEN: My second shot is pretty good today. A lot of chance. So my drive is not very good, so I need to go range and go fix it.

Q. That's what you're going to be doing after this?


Q. Obviously yesterday the course is very challenging. But compared to yesterday, how different is the course? Is it easier to score?

PEIYUN CHIEN: Actually it's my first time in Singapore, so everything is very new to me, and the greens are very grainy. I heard before the greens are very soft but this year is very hard. So I feel like major week, it's pretty hard to play well.

Q. In terms of being in contention, how happy are you to be in this position heading into the weekend?

PEIYUN CHIEN: Very happy. First time Singapore, I have a lot of good food. I try the chili crab, and I want to do more things here.

Q. Do you have a game plan for the third day?

PEIYUN CHIEN: Yes, I want to go eat some (food) I haven't tried, so I really want to try.

Q. And for the golf?

PEIYUN CHIEN: Golf? I just want food.

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