HSBC Women's World Championship

Friday, 1 March 2024

Republic of Singapore

Sentosa Golf Club

Haeran Ryu

Quick Quotes

Q. Haeran, your second round HSBC Women's World Championship, solid round today. Can you talk about your round and how you played out there?

HAERAN RYU: Today I had some chance. Today's round, this golf course is so tricky for all the golf players because it's windy. But it's bogey-free.

Q. Do you remember any holes that you were chose to getting a bogey and had a good save?

HAERAN RYU: Third, I hit driver pretty good but hit second shot to the bunker. But the bunker is so far, too, and I hit it past the hole and I tried for putt from six meters, and I think this is bogey but I made it.

Q. This is your first time playing here; correct?

HAERAN RYU: No, 2018 the Women's Amateur Championship here. But it's not good playing but just I remember this golf course.

Q. What do you remember from playing at this course then? Is there anything you remember from playing here before?

HAERAN RYU: I think all of them, I remember them, but it was more I remember hole 12, it's a tricky hole. The green is tricky up there but today is a birdie because my shot, tee shot is going to the right side, but then I hit a second shot and went past it again, the green. I just tried to chip it in and get it in, and it's a surprise up there.

Q. How do you like Singapore? Do you enjoy coming to visit?

HAERAN RYU: Yeah, it's really good because here is too many good food, and I love Asian because I'm Asian girl.

Q. Last year you were Rookie of the Year, incredible. What kind of goals do you have this year since you played so well last year?

HAERAN RYU: I turned pro in 2019. Last year is the second of the rookie, and then -- always I'm winning or once or twice, five years in a row, and I want one more win this year.

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