NBA Eastern Conference Finals: Celtics vs. Heat

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Miami Heat

Bam Adebayo

Tyler Herro

Game 1: Postgame

Heat 118, Celtics 107

Q. We know how good Jimmy, is but is there anything in this postseason run that's made you go, huh, now that's really something new?

BAM ADEBAYO: I mean, he's relentless. That's the bottom line. He's playing incredible basketball, getting guys open. Doing it on both ends.

Q. Bam, the third quarter, what happened? Why did one change so dramatically there from what we saw in the first half and you just sort of pulled away? What was it?

BAM ADEBAYO: I feel like our energy shift. That was the biggest thing. Our energy shift and we started getting stops on defense and running, and getting in transition and the crowd got into it.

Q. With how good their half-court defense is usually, how important are sequences like that third quarter where your defense is constantly feeding your offense? How important are those going to be to this series?

BAM ADEBAYO: Just because we're able to get out in transition. I feel like that's the biggest thing. Being able to get half-court stops and then being able to run in transition, we want to live like that. Coach doesn't want us to run plays. Just get in transition and go.

Q. Horford is such a tough matchup, and whatever degree you spent time preparing to go up against him, you found out probably right when you get to the arena that he is not going to play. What goes through your mind and how do you adjust?

BAM ADEBAYO: You don't adjust. We stick to what we do, and we scheme differently whoever starts.

Q. Bam, you've been the NBA's best team in postseason in the third quarter, outscoring teams by over 80 in the third. What is it about this team that makes it have these strong second-half runs?

BAM ADEBAYO: I don't know, I guess we just wake up. I don't know, the energy really shifted in the third. Guys start making shots, and then like a snowball effect.

Q. That block you had on Brown started with you pushing him out near halfcourt for him to get that catch. But it did seem like he had a half step on you. Did you ever feel like you were beat on that play, or did you feel like you were right there the whole time? And then even the next play, Tatum tried to iso against you, and I think you stripped him or deflected the ball. How much pride do you take in that sequence right there?

BAM ADEBAYO: I mean, that's the part of the third quarter. That's what got us fueled. That's what got our juices going. And you know, plays like that can change a game. You see a guy do a crazy block like that and you know the energy gets into the crowd. The rim just becomes an ocean when you start running in transition.

Q. (No microphone).

BAM ADEBAYO: He had a step, but I don't like to give up on plays.

Q. Tyler, in the first half when the offense wasn't fully there, how important was it for you to keep things afloat, knowing the other guys are going to come aboard and get it going also?

TYLER HERRO: I just wanted to come in and provide a spark, whether scoring, making plays for my teammates, whatever it is. Just coming in and not having any drop-off from the starting five to the second unit that comes in. So just wanted to be aggressive and get everyone involved.

Q. You always talk about how comfortable you are against drop coverage. Were you surprised that they mixed in some drop early and it kind of got you going?

TYLER HERRO: I mean, not really. I kind of expected it coming in, especially with Theis and their fives. We'll see what they do in Game 2 if they make an adjustment. We'll see.

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