NBA Finals: Bucks vs. Suns

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Milwaukee Bucks

Jrue Holiday

Game 4 Postgame

Milwaukee Bucks 109, Phoenix Suns 103

Q. You guys have been able to force Chris Paul into a lot of turnovers the last couple games and you had a big one late. What have you seen against him and on that play that you were able to get that steal against him late?

JRUE HOLIDAY: I think it's just making him uncomfortable. Always keeping bodies behind him, two and three people and not really just getting a clear view of what he wants to do. It's not me by myself. It's definitely a team effort.

Q. And then I guess, you would had been on the weak side of that Giannis block. Just what did you see on that play?

JRUE HOLIDAY: That's elite. That's an elite block, to be able to read that he's going to throw the lob and go up there and get it, yeah, that's elite.

Q. He said he knew as soon as Booker turned his hand like this that it was going to be an alley-oop. When did you recognize he was going to throw it over the top?

JRUE HOLIDAY: It was about the same time, but what can I do about it? Ayton's seven feet.

Again, Giannis is athletic, but I just think his IQ for the game and to be able to read that and especially the point in the game that it was in, just makes it a very elite block.

Q. There was a play from Khris down the stretch where he hits a layup going into a time-out and the entire team goes and picks him up. What does that say about how you guys feel about Khris and what was your reaction to his game tonight?

JRUE HOLIDAY: I think as a team, we're pretty close. It's kind of the next man up, help that person. So any time anybody goes down and Giannis -- Giannis gets banged up a lot, we're running to his aid as well.

Khris making that play was huge. The way that he played the whole game but in particular down the stretch, the reason why we play and the reason -- him and Giannis are the finishers and they took us home tonight.

Q. What does it say about him to have a game like this in the Finals in a swing game like that, what does that say about him?

JRUE HOLIDAY: Came in and do what he do. He's had it this whole stage, this whole playoffs. So not a surprise, no. But great timing.

Q. Devin had five fouls, you were on a fast break and looked like he wrapped you up with both hands. What did you experience and was there a surprise that there wasn't a whistle?

JRUE HOLIDAY: I don't know, man. I don't know. I don’t know.

Q. Overall, how tough was it for you to just kind of stay in the moment, I guess, late, and play defense the way you did, knock free throws down at the end, you don't know what's going on with some calls, the shot's not going in, you know what I mean? Did you kind of have to dial in there a little bit?

JRUE HOLIDAY: No. I know my game is more than just scoring. It's part of the reason that they brought me here. I can get into the paint and facilitate, make plays that way, and then I can make plays on the defensive end. So I just feel like my game is not just one-sided, but I've always stayed locked in. Even if my shot's not falling, I always try to be aggressive offensively. But in particular defensively where we know that Chris Paul can go off at any time.

So really just staying on high alert when he gets the ball.

Q. Bud said earlier, those last few minutes in the game in general was a mental toughness game, and Giannis mentioned hustle with his block, and you had those couple rebounds, Pat's defense late on Devin.

JRUE HOLIDAY: Big shots. Pat had some big shots, too.

Q. Can you speak about the final minutes where there's a few points but there were a lot of those sort of other hustle plays?

JRUE HOLIDAY: I just think for one, being consistent, and our team we give each other confidence. Even me not shooting well, always telling me to shoot it, always telling me to be aggressive, but we always know that the person next to us has our back.

I think when it comes to those points and that time in the game, whatever you do, you do with confidence and you do it thinking that you're going to make that play.

Q. You know there's been a little bit of Batman/Robin conversations regarding Giannis and Khris Middleton, but you really put it well during the Conference Finals when you said that Khris is the heart of the team and Giannis is the soul. What did you mean by that and how did that play out in the way the game played out tonight, including Giannis's block and Khris's great run?

JRUE HOLIDAY: It means what it means. They have been here the longest. They have been through the most together. They have endured the most. They have been criticized for everything they have done here, and they have also got the glory. But they know the pressures that comes with that and they have exceeded all those expectations. For them to be able to perform on each stage, and especially a stage like this is awesome to see and I'm blessed to be a part of it.

Yeah, they give us confidence as a team and they carry us just like they did tonight.

Q. It seemed like you all made a concerted effort to pick CP3 up 94 feet, and Teague was turning him multiple times when he was in and you were doing it as well. He's a great player and he's going to make plays. Do you feel that has a cumulative effect over 48 minutes?

JRUE HOLIDAY: I hope so. I'm tired. I really do hope so. That's kind of the point of us doing it, right? I think to be able to not give Chris just some easy baskets, easy view of the game. We know that he can control the game and just kind of put it in the palm of his hand.

But I think being able to have his back turned most of the game, always thinking that me or Teague are going to be there, I think it could be frustrating. And then doing it 94 feet for 48 minutes, it can be a bit tiring. So, yeah, I think we've been doing a pretty good job of it.

Q. When did you realize Khris is making the difference in Game 4 of the Finals?

JRUE HOLIDAY: I think he's always had it. Khris has no fear and he never has. Being one of the guys who has guarded him in my career, knowing what he's done, hitting big shots, making big plays, he's never been afraid of the moment.

So putting him in this situation is kind of perfect.

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