2021 NCAA DIII Men's Lacrosse Championship

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Towson , Maryland, USA

RIT Tigers

Walker Hare

Quinn Commandant

Media Conference

RIT - 15, Salisbury - 14

THE MODERATOR: We're joined by student-athletes from the national champion RIT, Division III national champions, Walker Hare and Quinn Commandant.

Q. Walker, when we did a story with you guys this week, you said it wasn't just for this team; it was for all the alumni, all the players before you. How do you feel about that now and what message would you have for all those guys?

WALKER HARE: It's amazing. We really couldn't do it without them. Especially thinking back to when I was a freshman, we lost in Boston to another Salisbury team. And so being able to take it to especially them means a lot to all of us on the team and we really did a thing this week on the alumni.

Q. Quinn, take me through both of your goals there, first the one to send it to overtime and the game-winner there.

QUINN COMMANDANT: It was a great play. I turned the ball over there. Dawson and Rosy made a great look and I was just the one knocking it home. It was a big one. It kept us alive.

Q. How meaningful is it in general to be part of a title number one for RIT?

WALKER HARE: It means the world. This is something I've never been able to experience before. We're just elated to be a part of the team that did it for RIT. We talked with Lou Spiotti, our athletic director, last night. He reiterated how proud the school was of us and how they always had our back that no matter the outcome they would always be behind us, and we played like that today.

Q. The mad scramble at the end of regulation, you're down one without the ball with 20 seconds to go. Just how did you kind of see that unfold and just how crazy of a finish to regulation was that?

QUINN COMMANDANT: It was something we do in practice, our coaches do a phenomenal job of bringing those game-like situations into practice. It's something we see every day, something we like and we're used to, and it worked out for us in the end.

Q. Quinn, what was your angle and what did you see from the game-winning goal? And Walker, kind of a similar question, but what's your kind of recollection on the defensive stance in overtime that led to that goal?

QUINN COMMANDANT: I was on the backside there. Barney was not getting a matchup all game. He found one that he likes. He does what he does best, dropped his shoulder. Love the kid. It was a big play for us and it feels really good right now.

WALKER HARE: And on those last defensive stands especially in overtime we kept telling each other it's just another possession, it's just another shot. And that's how we treated it. I mean, for me especially there's no difference between that shot and one I see in practice versus warmups versus any other shot in the game. And just that's how we treated every possession, just next one, next one, next one.

Q. There's been so many so successful RIT teams, but to be here and to win it all, what does this feel like for the both of you knowing how much work has gone in for this team and the programs before, the teams before?

QUINN COMMANDANT: For me, this goes out to everyone who has ever played here. For us. I'm honestly a little bit speechless. I'm seeing old teammates in the stands, old alumni that have been in similar shoes that not had this outcome, this is huge for them. This is huge for us.

WALKER HARE: Yeah, I agree. I'm a little bit still a little bit in shock. It's kind of hard to believe that thinking back to the early morning practices and when we're out in snow and the cold, thinking all that led to this moment. It's just amazing to think about. I'm ecstatic.


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