2021 NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship

Monday, May 31, 2021

East Hartford, Connecticut, USA

Maryland Terrapins

Logan Wisnauskas

Brett Makar

Media Conference

Virginia 17, Maryland 16

Q. Logan, when they went on that run and took control of the game, you guys had such a furious comeback to get back in it, what was working in that stretch where you were able to get back within a goal and how confident were you that you'd be able to finish off that comeback?

LOGAN WISNAUSKAS: Yeah, Coach said in the huddle we were in that position before against Hopkins, down. We just had to keep battling. Luke did an awesome job in the middle of the field getting us some possessions in the second half. We just kept moving the ball, kept moving our feet and just getting good opportunities. I feel like that's what kind of set us up.

Q. Talk about the strength of the team to be able to come back multiple times in that game despite being down several times?

BRETT MAKAR: Yeah, I just think going into the game, we knew it wasn't going to be easy. We talked about giving counterpunches and being able to answer all week. Credit to them; when they got momentum, they took advantage of it. I was super proud of our guys for the way we fought back, but in a game like that, it comes down to the littlest thing. I know right now for me personally, and I know a lot of the guys feel the same way, but you think about the one missed ground ball or the one failed clear. In a game like that it really comes down to the smallest thing. It's really tough right now, but like I said, credit to our guys. What a way to fight back. Like I said, just came out a couple plays short.

Q. Can you both just describe that final play with Luke?

LOGAN WISNAUSKAS: I mean, yeah, Luke coming down the middle, he's shooting that shot. He's had a couple goals this season, and stuff happens. He's in that situation, just he shoots it, goalie makes a good save. It's not his fault at all. You can go back and name so many other plays. We got Luke's back. We want Luke shooting that ball.

BRETT MAKAR: A hundred percent. Just going off Logan, I think we feel confident with Luke in that situation, and just knowing the type of kid he is and the player he is, he's going to come back and be an even stronger player. That doesn't define him, doesn't define his season. I know personally and speaking for the rest of the guys, we have his back. Phenomenal job by him to come in and get us some momentum, make some plays and won a ton of face-offs for us today. Talk about one of the toughest kids on the team, he's a phenomenal player, and I know this will just make him better.

Q. Seemed like at times their two-man game gave you some issues. Do you think that was an issue of you guys not communicating effectively enough or what allowed them to have so much success in their two-man game?

BRETT MAKAR: Yeah, a lot of their goals came down to us not having the best fundamentals. We didn't really have a clean game on our part. Like I said before, you really think about the one missed ground ball or the one pick play behind, whatever it is. Just so many plays running through my head right now, and I'm sure a lot of the guys feel that way.

As far as defensively goes, definitely not our best performance. I thought we made a couple stops when we needed to, but we needed to make more, and it wasn't enough today.

So yeah, I think just to answer your question, just came down to us not having great fundamentals.

Q. Brett, can you describe for us what about Connor Shellenberger's game makes him so tough to defend?

BRETT MAKAR: Yeah, he's a great player. Very strong, both hands. I thought Nick was awesome on him for a majority of the game, but when you have a skilled guy like that who's great with both hands and moves very well, it's hard to defend him for 60 minutes. Just the type of player he is, he made some big plays for them, and I think Nick did an awesome job, like I said, like he's done all year, but credit to Connor, he's an awesome player and made some big plays for them.

Q. I know obviously emotions are really raw right now and it was a tough loss, but the two of you thinking back about this year's group, what are you going to remember most about this year's group? I know it's fresh off a loss, but what about this group are you going to remember most and what are you going to reflect on most about this season?

LOGAN WISNAUSKAS: Yeah, definitely the discipline, the sacrifice that each and every one of us went through. I got 49 other guys that made sacrifices. We kind of bubbled up in January, weren't able to see our families, weren't able to see significant others. Just really hats off to my teammates and stuff for not having a positive test in this unknown world. Hats off to my teammates and stuff for bubbling.

BRETT MAKAR: Yeah, just going off what Logan said, and I've said it all year, when you get such a talented group, I think that's something that's common at the University of Maryland. You know you're going to have talented players. But to get a group that actually buys in and is all in, like the way we were this year, and a group of guys that genuinely cares about each other, I said it before the game, I really would jump on a grenade for any of the guys on our team. I really, really mean that wholeheartedly. I love each and every one of them, and they know that. That's why it hurts so bad. It's something special here at the University of Maryland, and I truly believe there's no better place for anyone to go and play just to become a better player and person. Definitely difficult.

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