Capital One Orange Bowl: Texas A&M vs North Carolina

Monday, December 28, 2020

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Texas A&M

Hard Rock Stadium

Isaiah Spiller

Press Conference

Q. I wanted to ask you, do you and Ainias, Jalen, do you Houston area guys take a little pride that you are from that area and doing what you're doing at Texas A&M?

ISAIAH SPILLER: Yeah, it's kind of crazy. We're all from Houston. We have a connection. Just doing what we're doing on the field week in, week out is kind of crazy. We're putting Houston on the map I feel like, and we're putting our hometowns on the map.

Q. The day after the College Football Playoffs were announced, Coach Fisher talked about turning the page. Did he talk to y'all about that, and what was y'all's approach on saying we're going to make the best of the Orange Bowl as opposed to not being in the four-team College Football Playoff?

ISAIAH SPILLER: For sure we were pretty mad, but Coach Fisher just told us to knock all the clutter out and we just had to move on because we have a good team in the Orange Bowl, so we've just got to come out and get ready, prepared, and get our mind on UNC.

Q. I know earlier we talked to Kellen and he kind of thought what it would mean for him if this is his last game as an Aggie. What do you think from your perspective Kellen has meant to this program in his years being an Aggie?

ISAIAH SPILLER: I feel like Kellen has really been -- he's really changed A&M since he's got here. All the years that he's been here, we've just gotten better each and every year, so I feel like Kellen should -- I mean, Kellen has been really good for the program. He's been a great leader for our team, and I just want people to remember Kellen as a great football player and a great person, very hard worker.

Q. After what you guys did in the SEC running the ball, is there any worries that you can't do that against UNC moving forward in this bowl game, or are you guys confident regardless of who's in front of you that you guys will be able to impose your will?

ISAIAH SPILLER: Regardless, Coach Fisher always says that. It doesn't matter about the opponent. The opponent is faceless. We've just going to go out there and do our job like we've been doing week in and week out, but UNC is a good team, so we have to get prepared.

Q. And then I'm sure you saw what UNC's top two running backs both opted out. When you see that and it's not you versus them necessarily, but do you look at it as a chance to compare yourself to some of the top backs in the country if they were playing and is it a bummer that they're not?

ISAIAH SPILLER: I don't think it's a bummer. It would have been nice to see them. They're both really good backs. But they're just making the best decision for their future. So I don't think it's a bummer, but I don't really compare myself to nobody. I just try to go out there and do my job and just let the chips fall where they may.

Q. How much of this year's success do you attribute to guys like you and Ainias and Wydermyer taking the step from freshmen to sophomore? I think we saw a stat maybe 80 percent of the offense when you get it. So how exciting is that that you're all sophomores and how much do you attribute y'all's success to this year?

ISAIAH SPILLER: I think it just contributes to all our hard work as a team. Even during quarantine we were all still working out every day, so I feel like all our hard work is just showing, and it's kind of crazy that we're all sophomores and we're going to come back. Next year should be really fun.

Q. Is this team -- obviously you're only one spot away from making the playoff. Is this team going to be -- do you feel like you guys will be top five, top four for years to come?

ISAIAH SPILLER: Yeah, we want to stay where we're at and even go higher. Our mentality has not changed. It won't change next year, either. We're still thinking about going to the playoffs and winning the championship. But first we've got to focus on the Orange Bowl, but as soon as the off-season hits we're going to be on the chase for it, so working hard every day.

Q. Six 100-yard rushing games this year; how do you look to add another one against UNC on Saturday?

ISAIAH SPILLER: Just reading my blocks and trusting my O-line. They have done a wonderful job this year. I wouldn't even be here without them guys. Just trusting them guys are reading my keys and letting the game come to me, and as long as we get the win, I'll be happy.

Q. Just to follow up on that, what was your overall thoughts this year as a player? How do you think you performed?

ISAIAH SPILLER: I think I performed all right, pretty good. I could have done a few better things. I still have a lot of improvement, but I can definitely say I've been better from my freshman year to my sophomore year, and I'd like to make my jump from my sophomore year to my junior year next year.

Q. Being a guy that's been the featured back on about 1,000 yards, most guys like that would want the ball when you get close to the goal line. Why are you okay with moving to fullback so often when y'all get close?

ISAIAH SPILLER: It's just a personnel that Coach Fisher likes. You know, keeping the defense in the nickel position. But really it's just about the team for me. It's always been about the team, the team's success, because with the team's success is individual success. I feel that if you put the team before you or yourself, it's always bigger than you. I never look at it as a selfish thing. It's always a team thing and always will be.

Q. You talked about your offensive line and how much they've paved the way for your success. Have you been lobbying any of them, any of those seniors to come back for another year?

ISAIAH SPILLER: Well, I've talked about it, but I don't know. That's their future, so we'll see what happens. But if they do, that would be great. But we'll see.

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