Capital One Orange Bowl: Texas A&M vs North Carolina

Monday, December 28, 2020

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Hard Rock Stadium

Ray Vohasek

Press Conference

Q. Ray, how will you attempt to set the tone for the rest of the defensive line early this week?

RAY VOHASEK: Just come out with the same attitude we always come out with. You know, it's just setting the standard, come out, hopefully we get a good rotation going early and just play with an attitude throughout the game.

Q. Mack talked about the similarities between Notre Dame and Texas A&M kind of on both sides of the ball. What are some lessons that you guys learned from that game that will be applicable on Saturday?

RAY VOHASEK: I would say the lessons we learned is we've got to play all four quarters against a veteran team like that. They're not going to make mistakes, they're not going to get bad penalties, things like that. I think that's what we need to do. We need to play all four quarters to be able to beat a team like that.

Q. When the coaches talk about other teams being physical at the point of attack, along the lines, how much of that is want-to? How much of that is scheme, talent? How do you describe that?

RAY VOHASEK: I think it's effort and also scheme. I think they do a lot of combos to get up to the second level. They're kind of similar with Notre Dame the way they combo to get up to the next level. I think it's a mixture of both, but I think they've got good size and they definitely roll off the ball and want to move you.

Q. I was wondering if you would kind of evaluate your performance this season and how you've grown and gotten better and how the defensive line has come together the last few weeks?

RAY VOHASEK: For myself, I think I've done a better job this year of doing my job, playing sound football technique-wise and everything that Cross has taught us. I think the young guys have come along a lot. I think they struggled with a lot of the stuff I struggled with last year, whether it was schemes, whether it's technique, footwork, hand placement, but as the season has gone along they've gotten better and better. I think now you're starting to see the talent they have catch up with the technique and learning the defense. I think there's a lot of talent there.

Q. Much of the talk has been about kind of using this as a glimpse of what next season could look like. Is that how you're approaching it? How are you seeing this game as maybe a glimpse into the future of the team or the program?

RAY VOHASEK: I think absolutely it's a glimpse, but we've got to focus on this game. We've got to try and win this game. That's what matters.

But yeah, I think you will see a lot of the talent you'll see along the line of the Tar Heels coming these next couple of years.

Q. The fact that it's the Orange Bowl aside, Texas A&M's offensive line is big, physical. You like to get in a fight -- not an actual fight, but I know you like the fight. Are these the kind of games that you really enjoy, being in a lock against other big dudes?

RAY VOHASEK: Absolutely. It's a good way to challenge yourself. This is who you want to play. They've got a couple all-SEC selections, a veteran group that plays great together. I think they're probably besides Notre Dame the best offensive line that plays with each other. You might have talent, but they all play together. They all want to work together and get to the next level, so you've got to beat them at the point of attack to beat a team like this.

Q. As a player how do you deal -- when your teammates opt out, how do you handle that moving forward?

RAY VOHASEK: You just are honestly excited for them, and those guys that have been working just as hard as them throughout practice, doing the same amount of work that they've been doing, you're excited for them to get their opportunity and you're excited for the guys that are moving on to the next level.

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