Capital One Orange Bowl: Texas A&M vs North Carolina

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

North Carolina Tar Heels

Hard Rock Stadium

Dazz Newsome

Press Conference

Q. I wanted to hit you with the question of how much did you consider not playing in this game with the new rules and how things are set up now, now that players have to prepare for the draft? And Coach Longo talked about there being 30 different type of touches with the game plan that would have to be spread around now with the two running backs heading out for the draft. What is your mindset going into this bowl game, and if you could answer that first question for me, too, as far as how much you thought about not playing.

DAZZ NEWSOME: Well, I'm a ball player, so I want to play, for the first question.

And the second question? Would you say the second question again?

Q. The second question is what is your mentality with those 30 different type of touches that the coach has to distribute now, know what I mean? Do you want to get every single one of those touches, opportunities and all that, now that you are playing in this game?

DAZZ NEWSOME: If he gives them all to me, I'll take it. But it's the same game plan. We ain't changing nothing. You've just got to make plays when the ball comes to you.

Q. Dazz, the talk of the bowl so far has been the opt-outs. Have you seen the team with the chip on its shoulder where it feels like people kind of not even giving you guys a chance before the game even starts?

DAZZ NEWSOME: Most definitely. We see all the things people are saying. We see all the comments people are saying. It's definitely making everybody play with a chip on their shoulder.

Q. With this being your last game at UNC, what's it been like for you to kind of reflect on your journey at UNC where the first two years you really struggled and now Carolina is playing in a New Year's Six bowl game?

DAZZ NEWSOME: I was talking to one of the referees at practice today about that, he was just saying how we stuck in there, and when we first got here, the first two years how bad it was. It wasn't all bad, but losing is definitely not fun. And then to see how we come now, it's definitely -- I can't even explain it.

Q. I was wondering if you could put in perspective -- this is dealing with players not just at Carolina but just in general around the country who opt out of bowl games, how important is winning the Orange Bowl to you? How do you view this game?

DAZZ NEWSOME: I mean, it's one of the biggest games -- biggest bowl games I've played in my life. It's definitely the biggest bowl game I've ever played in my life, so I couldn't not play in it.

Q. This season as a whole, obviously you didn't have as many catches as you did last season. Are you putting a lot of pressure on yourself for this game knowing that No. 2 isn't going to be on the other side of the field from you to kind of compensate for his absence?

DAZZ NEWSOME: No, no, no, sir. I know what I can do and they also -- also the other team knows what I can do. There's no pressure. We've got good players on the team still. We've got players just as good as Dyami.

Q. You mentioned the other team. What have you seen out of Texas A&M on film so far?

DAZZ NEWSOME: We've seen that they're fast. They all ride it to the ball. A pretty rear-winded team with a good D-line.

Q. Now that Dyami is out and you're kind of the leader of the wide receiver group in terms of experience and touches, are you taking on a different leadership role and trying to get guys like Khafre and Emery and Antoine ready?

DAZZ NEWSOME: Yeah, I'm always trying to step in and be a leader, but also we've got other guys, younger guys that are trying to step in and be a leader, as well.

Q. Do you plan on going off and going out with a bang?

DAZZ NEWSOME: Most definitely. Most definitely trying to go out with a bang.

Q. Are you just pumped up because this is your last game? What are the feelings going through your mind and how excited are you to put on a show?

DAZZ NEWSOME: It's both. I mean, I'm putting on -- this is my last game and also this is one of the biggest bowl games that we've played in, like I said, so I'm definitely pumped.

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