Capital One Orange Bowl: Texas A&M vs North Carolina

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

North Carolina Tar Heels

Hard Rock Stadium

Tomon Fox

Press Conference

Texas A&M 41, North Carolina 27

Q. What did Texas A&M do in the second half that gave you guys some problems?

TOMON FOX: You know, they just stayed relentless, I believe, their offense. They didn't let up at all, where we assumed that they may get tired out just a little bit. But they kept pushing. They were able to run the ball and they were able to create big plays in the passing game.

Q. This program has had three competitive games against top-10 teams really the last month. What does this type of performance in the past month mean for this program moving forward from your perspective?

TOMON FOX: It just means that Carolina could be more noticed on a national level. We're able to compete with anybody, even if it's in the top 10 or anybody, a ranked team, Carolina is able to compete with them.

Q. A lot of young guys were doing things on defense tonight and every once in a while making big plays. What is your perspective on the youth movement and what those guys can be next year and moving forward?

TOMON FOX: Yeah, I'm definitely proud of the young guys. They were able to step up and make big plays. It just shows what Carolina has in the future. They have a lot of years in front of them here at Carolina and they're already making big plays, so there's more room for them to get even better.

Q. Defensively you guys came a long way from over the course of the season. What would you say was kind of the key to turning the corner and being able to have a performance like this where you're toe-to-toe with the No. 5 team?

TOMON FOX: Just the leadership throughout the defense. It extends for more than just one person. You have me, Gemmel, Chazz when he was here. A lot of the guys on defense stepped up in a leadership role, trying to be more consistent, and it started with practice. We've done a lot better in practice since the beginning of the season, and everything just translated on to the field.

Q. I just want to know from your perspective as a senior, you and your fellow seniors, everything that you guys have been through with this program over the past few years, how do you feel like you guys have left it at this point now that this is your final game and Mack Brown is here to take this program to the future, what mark have you and your fellow seniors left with this program?

TOMON FOX: Yeah, of course we're disappointed with the outcome of this game, but we felt like we left off a good foundation for the teams in the future and we left a standard for them that this is where they've got to be every year. You've got to be ranked every year, you've got to be able to compete with anybody that we go against, and hopefully win. So I feel like as seniors we came a long way from a losing season and already this, so we're showing that we can fight through any adversity and still come out on top.

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