Capital One Orange Bowl: Texas A&M vs North Carolina

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

North Carolina Tar Heels

Hard Rock Stadium

Dazz Newsome

Press Conference

Texas A&M 41, North Carolina 27

Q. Can you walk us through your touchdown catch? Did you realize it was being bobbled and that you had actually caught it?

DAZZ NEWSOME: I knew it was bobbled. I knew I caught it. I just was wondering was I down or not.

Q. You guys didn't really open it up in terms of getting passes downfield until like the game -- maybe the second quarter was when it really started to seem like the normal offense that you guys -- the explosiveness of the offense that you guys had. What was it like for you being out there early on just trying to get a feel for what A&M was doing defensively?

DAZZ NEWSOME: Yeah, I mean, they did what we thought they were going to do. They did a lot of cover one, some four, but for the most part we just had to get in sync.

Q. This is the end of your UNC career. Can you put into words what it meant to you? Obviously take yourself out of the loss tonight, but put into words your career at UNC and everything like that.

DAZZ NEWSOME: I can't even imagine -- I would have never known my career would go like this. I'm very blessed, and all I can say is thank you.

Q. We heard a lot about Josh Downs back in August, didn't get to see him much during the season. He had two big touchdowns tonight. What kind of player are UNC fans going to see more and more of Downs in the future? What kind of player is he?

DAZZ NEWSOME: He's a player similar to me. He's very good with the ball in his hands. He's very quick, fast, twitchy, gets in and out of coverage real fast. He's definitely a good player.

Q. Can you talk about the production and the effort that British Brooks gave you, a recruited walk-on that came on and gave you a first start and played running back?

DAZZ NEWSOME: Yeah, British did his thing. British deserves everything he gets. He's been working hard since he got here. He's still a walk-on, but he grinds every day in practice, every day in the game. He's the special teams captain every week for a reason. He makes plays on special teams about every week, him and Josh Henderson. So they deserve everything that came their way today.

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