Charles Schwab Challenge

Friday, May 28, 2021

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Sebastian Munoz

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk about the round?

SEBASTIÁN MUÑOZ: Yeah, it was a great round for me. I started good with birdie on 1 and 2, and staying even on the horseshoe, which is big. Then, you know, started the back really good, as well, with three birdies, you know, feeling great. Then on 15, bad tee shot put me in the bunker and tried to be aggressive from there and ended up making double.

I just gave myself good looks. I was swinging great. Kept thinking about how good I was swinging and not about the double I just made and finished with three birdies which was really nice.

Q. How does it feel to have the two rounds together and be done, when who knows what will happen the rest of the day?

SEBASTIÁN MUÑOZ: Yeah, that's awesome. I didn't think we were going to finish today so that's definitely a bonus. Feel good the way we struck the ball the last two days, and the way we putted, the game is in great shape and looking forward to whatever comes.

Q. How different are conditions today from yesterday?

SEBASTIÁN MUÑOZ: A little, little wind. Yesterday it blew quite hard. You just have to, I don't know, focus on the shot, and you're not going to have to move the ball as much as yesterday, but I like that.

Q. How much of a comfort is it to be playing here?

SEBASTIÁN MUÑOZ: Yeah, it's close to home back in Dallas, so it's nice to sleep in your own bed and kind of chill in your bed and relax.

Q. How often do you play here outside of tournament week?

SEBASTIÁN MUÑOZ: Just tournament week, yeah.

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