Charles Schwab Challenge

Friday, May 28, 2021

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Jordan Spieth

Quick Quotes

JOHN BUSH: Long day, if we can get some comments on your round.

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, putter still felt pretty good. I came out of the rain delay and I made a nice putt on 3, and really felt like I had a chance to birdie almost every hole on that front nine and even into the back nine.

But I wasn't -- I didn't swing it as well. I wasn't really completing it and it wasn't feeling great. I knew I was going to kind of have to manage my way around the golf course a little bit, and fortunately did a really great job of that. It's nice if you play a bogey-free round.

I'm in a good spot at a familiar place, and just going to have to go check on the weather and set a goal for the weekend.

JOHN BUSH: That putt on the last to save par. That one will make dinner a lot better tonight.

JORDAN SPIETH: I told Michael even before that hole started I was starting to lose focus and was kind of just making swings, going true the motions and kind of not really as sharp the last three or four holes.

And sure enough, right after that, I bladed a sand wedge, which I don't think I've ever done in competition. And luckily that one went in to really not kind of hurt me there, and like you said, dinner will taste a little better.

Q. Loss of focus from the long day?

JORDAN SPIETH: Yeah, I kind of got late in the day and got a little fatigued or whatever. That happens sometimes here or there, and I had something to eat and a little hydration mix and it helped a little bit. It was a long day, and fortunately I think everyone is going to finish and we might be off in the afternoon versus any restarts. That would have made it tough driving back to Dallas.

Q. Where do you think you are at being natural versus thinking through it?

JORDAN SPIETH: I'm still a little ways away. I've done tens of thousands the wrong way. So however long it takes to kind of get back, and really, for me, it's a feel. I know what it's supposed to feel like at impact and I'm doing a pretty good job of getting there, more swings than day-to-day on the range than, say, the day before on the range and then on the course still lagging a little behind. But I'm able to have my start lines quite a bit tighter and that allows me to play a lot more confident golf.

You know, I'd like to strike it a little better than I did today with the mid-irons. But again, I was able to really get it around nicely and made quite a few mid-range putts today which you don't want to rely on but I feel confident in the ability to knock those in out here.

Q. How drastic is the turnaround from the state of the putting at the PGA to here?

JORDAN SPIETH: I don't think we've ever played on paspalum greens, so that was one adjustment. They were slower because of how windy it was and it was just kind of hard to commit to starting a ball outside the hole from five or six feet and having to hit it that hard. You just feel like you're going to miss them all high, so I ended up babying some putts and lipping out on the other side a lot.

I just got here and just felt more committed from really the first few putts of the first round but I needed to work on some significant stroke feels as well and I think the combination of just being on surfaces I'm used to and then also the work that was done just in three days' time, and a little work at that, given the weather we had, has been very nice but I'm still able to work that feel as much as I can.

Q. Was it bentgrass or bermuda you grew up on?

JORDAN SPIETH: Brook Haven was bermuda. I love bermudagreens. TifEagle bermuda, I love the grain because I grew up on it, like East Lake. Bentgrass has been a good surface for me, as well.

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