Charles Schwab Challenge

Sunday, May 30, 2021

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Patton Kizzire

Press Conference

Q. 3-under 67, just talk about your final round.

PATTON KIZZIRE: I'm fairly pleased. I would have liked to made a little bigger push but got off to a slow start and made a few bogeys early. It's tough to go deep whenever you're a few over but I battled. I had some good stuff happening out there. Kept my head down and hit some really good shots and made a few putts, and I'm proud of the way I battled.

Q. Even when you don't win, but when you battle and eek out a top five finish, how much does that do for your confidence going toward?

PATTON KIZZIRE: Well, my confidence has been building a lot lately. This is my second third-place finish in a row. In Dallas a few weeks ago I finished third and this week I finished third. So I'm knocking on the door and my confidence and growing and I'm pleased.

Q. Are you giong to ask Jay to get a few more tournaments in the Dallas area?

PATTON KIZZIRE: If we could just have a Dallas/Fort Worth swing. Colonial was fantastic this week with all the tough weather we had and the golf course played great.

Q. Talk about the three birdies in a row on the back, 12, 13 and 14?

PATTON KIZZIRE: Well, 11 I missed a short birdie putt. Was a little frustrated and I felt like I hit the wrong club on No. 12 and hit it over the green. Hit a great chip and hit the middle of flag and dropped in and then on 13, hit a great iron shot in there right where I was looking, and rolled in that putt and then on 14, hit a good drive and knocked it in there really tight. Couldn't have missed that one.

Q. What's your schedule looking like over the next few weeks?

PATTON KIZZIRE: I'm going to Memorial next week and Congaree. U.S. Open is to be determined. A lot of it is to be determined. We'll see but it will play out.

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