Charles Schwab Challenge

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Webb Simpson

Quick Quotes

Q. Birdie on the last there to shoot 66. How would you characterize the day?

WEBB SIMPSON: Great day. You know, two hiccups there on the par-3s on the front. Just bad speed on 4, caught the high lip, went five feet by. Not my best decision on 8 to hit the shot I hit.

Other than those two holes, it was really solid. Had a few good up-and-downs, but this is the type of Colonial that I love where the rough is up and the wind is blowing. Even my shot on the last hole, I hit a good shot, but it's a really tricky shot. If you hit it too hard, you're probably making bogey and it's real easy to spin it back front of the green.

I love when Colonial gets blowing a little bit like this.

Q. Rickie was in here and he talked about it being a little bit tricky today. Is that the way you'd characterize it?

WEBB SIMPSON: I think so. From my memory, I don't remember a west wind that often. It's a little different wind than I'm used to playing here. Normally I feel like it's a south or southeast wind. So it was tricky. We had probably six holes of pretty good, calm conditions, and then it picked up for the rest of the day.

Q. How important was it to follow bogeys with birdies both times?

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, it's always nice. You're frustrated after a bogey. You never want to make bogeys. But I think it showed that I was in a good frame of mind to recenter myself on the next hole, and it's a brand new hole.

Q. How different were the weather conditions -- it was pretty calm this morning?

WEBB SIMPSON: It was calm and cool and then it picked up around kind of the turn, and then the front nine blew pretty good. Looks like it's going to blow a lot this afternoon and then tomorrow back calm again.

Q. Got to feel good with a 66, huh?

WEBB SIMPSON: Yeah, great start. Nobody is going to run away with it today, so I'm in good shape.

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