Charles Schwab Challenge

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Patrick Reed

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously just talk about the round in general, I know not how you wanted to finish, but overall.

PATRICK REED: Yeah, it was steady. Hit a lot of fairways, and playing this golf course from the fairway, you're able to attack. Early on I hit a lot of really quality iron shots and great iron shots, just didn't quite capitalize on all the putts I should have.

As a whole you keep giving yourself opportunities, you're going to make putts. I feel like except for hole 9, the hard holes I played really well and had very good looks.

To go around and birdie all four of the par-3s always helps. I was able to attack the par-3s today and I was able to go around there in 4-under, and I think that really helps kind of leading into the week and leading into the day because there's some demanding holes out there.

Q. How good does a round like this feel? I know it's been a little bit of a struggle for you this year.

PATRICK REED: Yeah, it feels good to get a number out of it. Honestly I feel like there's been too many days that I've done a lot of things really well, just the number hasn't really reflected it.

But the great thing about a season is it's a season. You have a lot of time left. If I just keep doing what we're doing and stick to our game plan, the game is going to come around. Honestly, I feel like the game is where it needs to be, I just need the ball to go in the hole a little quicker.

Q. Talk about the last hole. What happened?

PATRICK REED: Yeah, that tee shot has always given me issues in the past. I didn't really think driver was an option or a play there, and I hit one less and kind of hit it left, and it went farther than I thought. I thought it was going to one-hop into the bunker. It actually flew the bunker, ended up in the trees, and then from there it was a struggle.

Honestly, all in all, with how I felt like I played, even including the last hole, it was just a solid, steady day, and that's what you need around a golf course like this, especially as the wind starts to pick up. You just need to go out there and hit quality golf shots and have control of your ball.

Q. A couple days after what happened in Uvalde, talk about the thoughts that people have for what's happened down there.

PATRICK REED: Yeah, it's very tragic what happened down there, and all of our thoughts and prayers are out to all the victims and their families. It's one of those things that it definitely puts a perspective on what we do. We play a sport for a living. Whether we're traveling the world, playing in events, or whether you're at home with your family, you just have to enjoy life and cherish life, because at the end of the day you just never know when life can be taken from you.

It's so sad, and to be honest with you, the ribbons don't even speak to how we all feel and how much support we have for them, because at the end of the day we have to stick together because the world is a dark place right now, and really there's no reason for anyone to go after each other.

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