Charles Schwab Challenge

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Jordan Spieth

Quick Quotes

JORDAN SPIETH: I was really frustrated for some reason. I didn't play very smart early in the round, and then I kind of got away with it through five holes, and after being 2-under through five on this course, you get through the Horrible Horseshoe, and you're at 2-under, you're typically thinking four or more.

A little bit upset. My three bogeys were all just poor bogeys. Otherwise I'm up there right near the top of the leaderboard.

Fall a little behind, puts a little bit of pressure on tomorrow before the wind comes in on the weekend to certainly move up the board. You want to hang around when you're going to get these 20- and 30-mile-an-hour winds on the weekend.

I think tomorrow with the wind being really low in the morning, I'm looking to take advantage of the golf course.

Q. What was maybe the thing that -- you talked about being frustrated. What was the thing that frustrated you the most?

JORDAN SPIETH: I didn't hit my driver very -- I didn't drive it very well. I missed some putts, but for the most part they were all just misreads, so I think I can get on top of that. It was tough with the wind blowing a lot of times opposite which way it's going to break, and the wind plays a significant role when the greens are this fast.

I would love to just putt it the way I've been putting it. I feel like more and more will go in. But I've just got to hit more greens in regulation, and that starts back on putting the ball in the fairway.

Simple golf.

But ultimately just got to really dial in with that driver a little bit better.

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