Charles Schwab Challenge

Friday, May 27, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Patrick Reed

Quick Quotes

Q. Another 4-under par round, only two bogeys through two days. What's been working so well the first 36 holes of this tournament?

PATRICK REED: I think the biggest thing is keeping the ball in the right spots when I miss. Everyone when you're hitting the ball solid or hitting golf shots exactly how you want to, you know where it's going to go. It's when you hit that missed golf shot that you don't hit exactly how you want to, it being in the right spot to get it up-and-down or still being able to hit it at the green.

I feel like that's been the biggest thing today and really yesterday, as well, is putting the ball in the right spots when I miss a golf shot and able to still attack the golf course. You can still be aggressive at this place even if you're playing from the rough if you're playing from the right spots.

Q. Do you feel like you're putting a little bit better this week?

PATRICK REED: No, not at all. The putter, I feel like I'm hitting a lot of good putts. Some are going in, but there's a lot that it's just not really -- just not dropping.

Honestly I feel like my ball-striking is where it's supposed to be. I feel like I have a little bit more control on knowing how the ball is going to react, whether it's a full swing or taking off some speed, and I think that's going to be crucial this weekend, especially if the wind is supposed to blow.

I feel like every shot I have so far, I can either hit a full one, I can hit it at a different window and lower and softer if I want to. I'm seeing golf shots a little better now than I have been. When that happens, it frees up the putting.

Q. How frustrated have you been with your play this year?

PATRICK REED: Yeah, as a competitor, of course you're frustrated. You could ask every player out there, the guys who don't win the golf tournament, obviously, everyone second place and worse, they sit there, they can nit-pick the heck out of it and find at least three shots every round if not more that they should have had.

But that's where -- you've just got to, for me, just I've got to stay with the process. I feel like I'm now on the right track of being here and being in the moment, in the present, and owning my golf swing and owning the shots I'm trying to hit.

The more I get comfortable that way, the more I start seeing shots, the better it's going to be, not only on ball-striking but on putting, chipping, and just results in general. Golf is a funny game. One day you go out there and you feel like you did nothing well, you shoot 62, and the next day you go out and you feel like you did everything absolutely perfectly and nothing goes in and you shoot a solid 80. It's just kind of one of those things.

I feel like the game is trending, is definitely where it needs to be, just need to start seeing these numbers that kind of add up to how I'm playing and how the score is supposed to be.

Q. You said you're owning your swing more now. Were you not earlier this year?

PATRICK REED: Well, I went through a change there earlier this year, and anytime you're making a change or something like that, you get too golf swing on the golf course. You can be as technical as you want on the driving range and in practice, but once you step on the golf course you've got to be a player. You're not out there trying to figure out a golf swing.

I feel like I was doing that a lot early on and for a good bit part of this year, and now I feel like I've settled into kind of how I feel, how the swing is supposed to be, and now when I get out on the golf course I'm able to see golf shots rather than trying to see golf swings.

Q. Do you feel like you got away from who you are --

PATRICK REED: Oh, for sure.

Q. You've always been much more of a feel player, someone who sees their shots and plays their shots than playing the swing.

PATRICK REED: Yeah, earlier this year for sure. Earlier this year I got away from my blueprint, which is get out on the golf course, a gamer and see shots, feel shots around the golf course. And using your short game. Seemed like earlier this year I'd kind of get there and try to start playing positions in the swing rather than curves and shots I see.

I feel like now we're back to where we're supposed to be, back to the kind of golf I normally play, now just need the numbers to keep on producing.

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