Charles Schwab Challenge

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Scott Stallings

Quick Quotes

Q. Tough start; kind of ground yourself back into it.

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah, I managed pretty well all day. I had some good looks on 1 and 2 and lipped out. Just kept the ball in front of me. I felt like I hit a good shot into 4 and somehow hit a 5-iron about 260 yards over the green. But just kind of kept keeping the ball in front of me.

Hit a really nice pitch on 7, kind of one of those awkward putts, like a four-footer up the hill with the wind blowing straight across. Kind of the exact same thing on 8, as well. Kind of made a -- misjudged my pitch on 10 and next thing you know you're 3-over par.

Hit a good drive over the bunker on 11 and kind of had one of those 50/50 lies on whether or not we thought we could get a 7-wood up around the green, and it wasn't good enough to justify, man, just because we're frustrated with where we're at in the day, like don't make a decision out of frustration, make a decision on what the right play is. Even though I didn't make a birdie, I felt like that was the right step. I gave myself a pretty stress-free, I gave myself a 12-footer from about 100 yards. From then on, I hit some really nice shots coming down the stretch.

Q. How much of a grind was it with the winds out there gusting the way they were mid round?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Yeah, I felt like the shots are fine because you can know that the ball -- the ball is in the air, so you can understand that it will touch it. But when the ball is on the green and then you start reading putts that are right to left and then the wind is in off the left, you're trying to find that like common ground as far as if it's going to touch it or not.

Everyone had to deal with it, and I didn't do a very good job early, but it was nice to see a few go in late, closer to where I wanted to be going into tomorrow.

Q. With the way you finished, what was the key to rattling off those birdies down the stretch to stay in contention?

SCOTT STALLINGS: Man, I knew I was playing well. I knew I was doing a lot of good things, and just got to keep reminding myself of that. I hit a really good shot into 12. I was about to hit wedge, and my caddie told me to hit 9-iron. I would have wedge right in the middle of the bunker. We've been together for a long time, and he knows my game and kind of when to step in there, and that was definitely the right time.

Q. Going into Sunday, how do you expect the course to play tomorrow with more wind in the forecast?

SCOTT STALLINGS: About the same. This is not the first time the wind has ever blown in Fort Worth, and this is not the first time they've had to set the golf course up accordingly. I think they'll do a great job. They did a great job managing the green speed, not getting too out of control, and I expect the same thing tomorrow.

Q. What was 18, your approach?

SCOTT STALLINGS: I had like 100 yards.

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