Charles Schwab Challenge

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Davis Riley

Quick Quotes

Q. Did you realize you were leading at one point?

DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, I realized -- I think when I got 11-under I took the outright lead at one point. But no, I was well aware of it. I knew I guess after that birdie on 11, I figured that either put me in the lead or tied for the lead or something. I saw guys were hovering around 10 on No. 10, and I figured soon after that birdie I had to be tied or with the lead or something. So yeah, I was well aware of where I stood.

Q. How much of this factors into how difficult the golf course seems to be playing right now? Guys are talking about coming down the stretch, it was always going to be hard to protect.

DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, it's just so windy and the greens are starting to get that shimmer to them. It's like you get some crosswinds on these holes where you're having to play 20, 30 yards of wind, and then you're having these downhill putts with the wind blowing 20 off the left and right and you're having to hit them and hope the wind does what you think it does. It's kind of a guessing game so to speak when it gets to that point.

But yeah, it's playing very tough. Yeah, unfortunately I just had one bad swing today and kind of got it started right and then you mis-hit one and it just gets escalated at that point. Yeah, it was unfortunate, but yes, it's extremely difficult.

Q. I think this is going to be your sixth Top-10 finish this year on the PGA TOUR. How close do you think you are to getting over that line, breaking through?

DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, you know, especially this last month and a half has been pretty good. I've felt like I've had a chance to win three or four golf tournaments in the past month and a half, and unfortunately I've had one bad swing or one bad break go my way, and it sucks, but I feel like I'm playing some really good golf, and it's just a matter of time before it's my time.

I'm doing all the right things. I can't hang my head. I might have made one bad swing but also made 250 other good swings. It's just unfortunate it showed up at that time. But I'm really proud of the way I hung in there after that and kind of gave myself some looks to have a chance to get to whatever the lead is, 9 and 10, and had some bad speed on some putts, and didn't make the putts.

But no, it's all good. I'm playing well. I'm teeing it up next week, so hopefully I can have another chance next week.

Q. Does that make it feel a little more comfortable with the TOUR courses? I know coming from the Korn Ferry TOUR that was a big stepping-stone.

DAVIS RILEY: Yeah, I think the courses out here are a little bit more suited for me. It's kind of a ball-striking Tour, and I just feel like that kind of is the strength of my game, and that kind of helps me, and if I can just get the putter rolling, I feel like I can get in contention just about on any course. Yeah, it is a transition. Instead of some courses where you're trying to shoot 7-under to keep pace, on a course like this where you shoot even par or 1- or 2-under, you've played really well and are gaining some ground. Yeah, I think it's been a good transition for me and it's definitely been a little bit different, and yeah, I've really enjoyed it.

Q. Do you get tired? After the last two weeks --

DAVIS RILEY: This couple week stretch has kind of got the best of me. Yeah, another hot week at the Nelson and then the passion obviously being a major is just a grind anyhow, and then to come in here and it's 95-degree weather, it's pretty grueling, so I'm very much looking forward to a day off tomorrow and get back to work Tuesday in Columbus.

Q. You're in the U.S. Open already, correct?

DAVIS RILEY: I am not at the moment, no. I know they have the cutoff for Official World Golf Rankings after this week or next, and I needed probably two really solid finishes here. I don't know what I finished up this week, but if it's after next week, I think if I have a really solid finish I'll have a good chance of getting in off my World Ranking. But as of now I'm scheduled to play the Monday qualifier in Columbus.

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