Charles Schwab Challenge

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Brendon Todd

Quick Quotes

Q. Brandon, how aware were you of what was going on on the back nine? At one point five guys were tied for the lead.

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, there were leaderboards everywhere, so pretty much always knew where I stood and who was in what spot. Yeah, which was good and bad, because Scottie wasn't playing his best to run away with it, and nobody -- Sam and Davis came back just slightly. I always felt like I was in it and had a chance to win.

Q. How difficult were those conditions out there today, especially on the back nine?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, they were really tough. I think both days on the weekend the back nine played exceptionally hard. High winds, the back nine has a lot of holes where you're kind of in between trees. Can't always feel it but then the ball gets above the trees and it's blowing around a little bit. The greens definitely kind of wilt up a little bit and get some spike marks late in the day. You're kind of battling that a little bit.

Q. Overall how would you assess the week? How happy are you with where your game is?

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, it was a great week. Like I said, this is my favorite course on TOUR. It's a place I feel like I can contend, and I've done that again. I lost by two in '14 and one today. It's tough because I feel like if I had just a couple things go my way today, I would have been the clear winner. It's definitely disappointing. But my game feels good, so I feel like it was definitely a huge positive step in the right direction, and looking forward to having a good summer.

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