Charles Schwab Challenge

Thursday, May 25, 2023

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Sam Burns

Quick Quotes

Q. Sam, off to your best start at this event in your fourth start. How would you assess that round today?

SAM BURNS: I would say it was a solid round of golf. I think for me I've kind of gotten into a little bit of trying to play golf swing on the golf course. I think today I just tried to go play golf and shoot the best number I could.

I wouldn't say I had my best stuff at all, but just was able to get it around and shoot a score. I think that's the beauty of this game. You don't have your stuff all the time, and it's the ability to be able to push the good number when you don't have your A-game.

Q. When you say you didn't have your best stuff, if you had to break it up, what do you think you did particularly well, and what do you think you really struggled with today the most?

SAM BURNS: I think going into today I was just trying to give myself a lot of opportunities on the greens. I feel like I've been rolling it well. I hit a lot of good putts today. I think I was able to do that on the front nine and kind of didn't hit as good on the back. I was able to scramble my way around a little bit, chipped it nice.

I think overall just trying to get a few more looks tomorrow, and that's always a good thing around Colonial.

Q. Was there any particular moment that stood out to you in the round that may be a momentum saver or a highlight somewhere in the round?

SAM BURNS: It's always nice to birdie the first hole. That's a good way to start your round. A couple saves there on my back nine, the front nine. A couple of chip shots I hit in there. It's nice, when you're scrambling, you chip it up there to a foot and a half or two feet instead of six and seven footers all day.

Most of the time the chips ended up close, which is obviously nice. It's kind of stress free, so yeah.

Q. Just finally, paired with Davis and then obviously Scottie, your good friend who you battled with last year. Was there much banter out there?

SAM BURNS: Yeah, it felt like back in junior golf days. Us three played a lot of golf together back then, and we've played a lot together out here. It didn't really feel like a round on the PGA TOUR, kind of more so a round at home, so that's always fun.

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