Charles Schwab Challenge

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Colonial CC

Paul Haley II

Quick Quotes

Q. Missed five cuts, top five finish today. Just overall thoughts on the round, playing with Scottie and that relationship.

PAUL HALEY II: Yeah, it was awesome. I've known him since he was this high (indicating low), and now when I look up at him, he's that high (indicating high). It was a blast. This is the most fun I've had on a golf course in a long time. Really happy with it.

Q. What does it mean on that note playing so much improved in your home turf in Texas too? How special is that?

PAUL HALEY II: It's been great. Every time I've had home games, I've always struggled a little bit. It was great to get out here and have a good showing. To play with Scottie today, it was the time of my life today. So really happy.

Q. Your Dallas background, where did you play growing up, and where are you playing now?

PAUL HALEY II: I played at Royal Oaks Country Club, which I grew up with Scottie out there and had a lot of pros out there as well. About 40 minutes away is where I live.

Q. How do you carry this into the season? Do you see this as validation, confidence building?

PAUL HALEY II: I missed, like you said, five cuts in a row. Thanks for the reminder. It hasn't been that bad. I just haven't been able to play two good rounds in a row to make the weekend yet.

So it's nice to finally have the opportunity to play another two rounds and kind of build on what I believe I've been doing. Hopefully take this into the rest of the year.

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