Travelers Championship

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Brice Garnett

Quick Quotes

Q. Brice, how would you characterize your round today?

BRICE GARNETT: It was a great day for me. Got off to an early bogey but then found the putter the last ten or twelve holes. Rolled it really well and been hitting it good all year, so just needed to see some putts go in.

Q. Was there one putt today when you saw it going in you felt like you could see more going in?

BRICE GARNETT: I made a bunch of good putts on the back nine but I made a good birdie putt on six that got me back to even par for the day. We just showed up with the mindset today that we need to go make birdies and there is so settling into rounds out here anymore with these guys.

We tried to get off to a fast start.

Q. Is it frustrating in a year when you say you've been hitting the ball well all year and the scores haven't been showing how well you've been playing?

BRICE GARNETT: Yeah, it's just been one day a week usually for me this year that has really kind of put me behind the eight ball. I think it's usually just trying to settle into rounds for me. There is not much of that that can go on anymore. You have to come out and try to win a golf tournament on the first tee box, and that's the mindset we're taking the rest (audio muted.)

I consider myself an old school player and like to settle into rounds. You get off to a slow start, couple over the first day, and you're really in trouble when the cuts are 3- and 4-under.

So we are coming out, trying to be aggressive, hit our spots, and just trying to make as many putts as we can.

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