Travelers Championship

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Kramer Kickok

Quick Quotes

Q. Talking about how you gained 20 feet and thought everything was going in.


Q. Was the putter the big key today?

KRAMER HICKOK: Putter certainly was. I was hitting a lot of good putts. I really only hit one bad putt on the par-5 13, and other than that, I just felt like the holes looked awfully big today.

I got off to like the worst warmup session of the year this morning and was just hitting it everywhere, and so I really changed my strategy. I was just trying to play a little bit more conservative, hit greens, and once the putts started to fall, I just knew it really freed me up.

So felt like I made a lot of good putts today, and the greens says are rolling so good that just the holes look big.

Q. The odd thing about golf, you can have a great warmup session and go out and play lousy and then the opposite happens as well.


Q. This one of those things where you can hit it all over the place on the range and then go out and...

KRAMER HICKOK: Yeah, it's funny, because whenever that happens you hear guys shoot course records and shoot their best rounds. I don't know if it's a mentality, you just take a lot weight off your shoulders and you just go and simplify things. That's what I did.

I just said, you know what? I got my C game, but just by recognizing that I had my C game I was able to play to an A level today. And certainly 7-under is my A game.

Not saying that I had my C game today, but on the on range it certainly felt like it. So just adapting to what you have and just saying, I don't have that shot today. I'm not going to try and hit it. Just go with what you got.

I had a few shots in the bag today and I worked with them today and the flat stick got going, so I was able to make it work.

Q. Is that tough to do sometimes to do to say, Okay, I know I can hit this shot, but today I don't have it so let's go with a different one.

KRAMER HICKOK: It's really tough. To me it takes a lot of discipline and it's tough to know that, Hey, like yesterday I could have hit this shot. Right now I just don't have it. Maybe I'm going to play a little bit more conservative, play to 30 feet here and wait for your chances.

Really just picking and choosing, and it's not about attacking flags when you think you should. It's about recognizing, Hey, I don't have that shot. The shot doesn't suit that pin and the wind just doesn't make it fit, so I am going to play a little bit more conservative here and wait for my chances.

We did a really good job of doing that today. We did a really good job of just staying in the moment, staying patient, and just taking our chances when we had them.

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