Travelers Championship

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Patrick Rodgers

Quick Quotes

Q. Patrick, how would you characterize that round today?

PATRICK RODGERS: Felt like I made a lot of progress in my game. Kind of the separating piece for me this season has been my iron play and wedge play. Just not quite consistent enough giving myself a ton of chances round in and round out, and I really was consistent with the looks that I gave myself today.

I would have to go back and look at the stats, but felt like I had a ton of chances. I didn't feel like it was even my best putting round and I felt like there was a great round out there for me.

It's nice to see some progress. I've been putting a lot hard work into my iron play, and if I can get that to translate the next three days it should a lot of.

Q. Anything specific you're working on with iron play?

PATRICK RODGERS: My coach and I have really attacked it for the better part of a couple years. It's a little complex in my golf swing stuff, but quite simply just to keep my head a little more centered. I have a tendency to tilt back on my right side. Makes the loft and the club face a little more volatile through impact.

So if I can just stay on top of it a little bit better I'm delivering a more consistent loft through impact, and that's been able to help a little bit.

Q. Got yourself in the mix last week at U.S. Open. What did you learn from that week that's not just helping here, but can help in the future?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, I think any time you get up there in the major. I've been confident feeling like my game is ready for major championships, but it's great validation to get up there and kind of be near the top.

I felt like I was probably about a nine- or ten-hole stretch away from really being in the mix last week. I was proud of the way I bounced back after the stretch on Sunday.

But, yeah, I feel like, again, it's been a little bit of a process. I've been working on the same stuff for a while. It's nice to see it start to pay off a bit.

Q. Is it hard sometimes when you know you're making progress and working on the right things to not see the results sometimes?

PATRICK RODGERS: Yeah, patience is brutal in this game. It's really tough. It's tough. It's been challenging for me every year. Obviously I feel like -- looking back I feel like I should have victories now in my career and I don't, and so kind of managing the weight of that a little bit has been challenging.

But, yeah, patience is always tough. It's the name of the game, the key out here. The more objective and emotionally sort of stable that you can be, that's the key to playing great golf.

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