Travelers Championship

Friday, June 25, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Jason Day

Quick Quotes

Q. Struggling through a few things there. How is the body doing?

JASON DAY: Yeah, body is okay. Just stiff. It's sore to get onto the other side of the golf swing, so any time going left was a little bit sore.

It is what it is. I haven't had time to really rest it since I kind of put it out. I think having a couple weeks off was great, but you just need a little bit more time is what it is.

Q. Bogey-free 8-under 62. Assess that round, especially with the stiffness?

JASON DAY: Well, I mean, sometimes when you do have sort of an injury or stiffness, even if you're sick, sometimes you can come out and play some good golf.

I was fortunate enough to not really get in my own way today. Hit a lot of good quality drives and my tee to green was pretty solid, I thought. Then holed a lot of crucial putts out there.

So that's what kept everything rolling, which was nice.

Q. Did you switch putters a little while ago?

JASON DAY: I did, yes.

Q. What was the biggest difference with the new putter?

JASON DAY: Well, I tried the SIK putter and just going back to something that felt I guess a little bit more square to me. I was looking down at the putter and just wasn't lining up correctly. To me felt a little bit closed.

So that kind of crossed -- I crossed myself up and wasn't trusting my line. So going back to the Spider, which sits a little bit more open for me, I can trust the line that I'm aiming at.

And then just coming up the feels again. It's nice to be able to visualize a ball going in the hole again instead of thinking, Am I going to hole this putt? So nice to be able to do that. I think I'm one back right now going into the weekend, so it's all positive stuff.

Q. When do you have some of the stiffness you had today, what do you do with your swing to hopefully help and still be able to play as well as you did?

JASON DAY: Right, yeah, I felt a little bit of stiffness after my range session in the afternoon yesterday and I just -- I've been hitting a lot of flighted shots. You know, sometimes when I get a little bit too far left everything has to go back and start crunching on the right lower part of my back again.

Unfortunately I need to work on a little bit more technique, but I don't want to do that because I'm playing a tournament. I want to make sure my playing feels are where they need to be. If I go ahead and work on technique it's going to throw everything out.

That's the hard part. Do you work a little bit on the technique and try and balance it out so it takes a little bit of pressure of the body? I might do that tomorrow on the range. We'll see.

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