Travelers Championship

Friday, June 25, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Kramer Hickok

Quick Quotes

Q. Kramer, kind of -- I don't know if slow start is the right word -- but a lot of pars on the front nine. Got it going on the back. Another double on 16; probably not what you're looking for. Overall, how would you assess the day?

KRAMER HICKOK: It was a grind for sure. It took me a little while to get going. Thankfully like the last two rounds I really kind of figured out my swing on the back nine. Started hitting it a little bit better and more quality shots.

Fronts nine I was scrambling my butt off and just doing whatever I could to get the ball in the hole. More the same as yesterday. I just didn't quite have it with the irons. Driver I'm managing to get it in the fairways. Not very solid, but putting really well, so just finding a way to get the ball in the hole.

So we're up near the top of the leaderboard, so looking forward to trying to figure out the irons and get ready for the weekend.

Q. Do you think it's a big fix with the irons or something kind of small?

KRAMER HICKOK: I think it's something pretty small. I'm actually about to go call my coach, Cameron McCormick, right now and try and figure something out and head to the range.

I've been playing really good golf this whole past week during the U.S. Open. Just shooting some really low numbers on my home course, so I know it's not far away. But when it does get on, it's a great feeling because I know the putter is hot, and it's all about right now just giving myself looks, and that's what I'm trying to do. If I can just give myself looks I know I can shoot a low number.

Q. How hard is it to take it from your home course out onto the PGA TOUR though?

KRAMER HICKOK: It's definitely hard because we're playing pin locations that are eight off the edge, and you get on TOUR and it's three or four off the edge and the greens are a lot faster, rough is up.

It's just you got to add probably three shots just to the course difficulty setup. So if you shoot 6- or 7-under back home, I would equate that to shooting 3- or 4-under in the tournament setup. Obviously depending on where you are.

But no, it just shows that you're playing good golf. When you shoot low numbers it's just you're obviously doing a lot right. So it's just for me motivation. It's just I can look back on those rounds from this past week and know, Hey, like I got it. I'm playing well, and just about just letting it happen out here on the course.

Q. What can you lean from past experience and anything else this weekend since you're right there in the mix after 36 holes?

KRAMER HICKOK: Yeah, I think PGA TOUR-wise probably Bermuda. I was right there in contention. Then back to Korn Ferry, just my win at Canterbury was obviously -- I had the solo lead I think -- I think I lead after every round.

There are a lot of good names at the top of the leaderboard. It's very crowded, so anyone can go ahead and win this tournament. There is so much golf left to be played, so for me, just knowing that I've done it in the past and lean on those experiences, past -- those shots that I've hit under pressure and know that I can do them now.

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