Travelers Championship

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Cameron Smith

Quick Quotes

Q. Cam, how would you assess your round out there today?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, really solid. Not too many mistakes. Few errors with the wind there. But it was so up and down the whole day. It was just hard to judge. Most them we got right.

Q. What was the most difficult part of trying to judge the winds out there today?

CAMERON SMITH: I think especially on that back nine it kind of goes through that valley and you're kind of surrounded by trees here and there.

So just really trusting the wind. You're going to get some bad ones out here. It's that type of course. It's so tricky out there. You just got to try and give yourself as many opportunities as you can.

Q. Where are you confidence-wise with your game?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I'm pretty confident. I'm confident, probably the most confident I've been over the driver for a long time, which is a big thing for me.

I feel if I can get it in the fairway the rest of the game kind of takes care of itself. So that's really nice, to stand over the ball with driver and think you're going to hit a good one.

Q. With the win in Hawaii and then everything with the Presidents Cup and everything, kind of just been vaulting yourself higher and higher on the world stage. Where are you comfort-wise when you get in these positions late in the weekend where you're in contention?

CAMERON SMITH: Yeah, I feel like I've been up there enough to really give it a crack and be confident with myself. Sometimes it doesn't go your way, and that's just the way golf is.

But yeah, no, I'm feeling confident heading into tomorrow for sure.

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