Travelers Championship

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Brice Garnett

Quick Quotes

Q. Brice, how would you characterize the round out there today?

BRICE GARNETT: It was a good day. I got off to a good start on the front nine and then hit some poor shots. Misjudged the wind a little bit on the back nine. Made some bogeys.

Hung in there and came in under par, I think couple three, four back maybe. So give us a shot for tomorrow.

Q. How difficult was some of the wind out there? Some guys said maybe swirling, gusts, it was hard to judge.

BRICE GARNETT: Yeah, it is. I was just saying I don't really remember playing this golf course with winds of 20 to 25. It was tricky. You move in and out of trees around here and we get frustrated at times, but you got to get lucky a little bit, too.

Q. We talked a couple days ago about what you said about needing to come out right away and from the get just be on your game. You can't just play into the tournament. Can't play into the rounds. How do you feel you've done this week with that? Seems like you've done pretty well.

BRICE GARNETT: Yeah, I think it's gone great for us. We've been aggressive at times and very conservative at times, too. We have the mindset that we have to go get this thing done.

We're in a great position, so tomorrow just looking forward to the same stuff, keep doing what we're doing as far as hitting our spots and hopefully the putter stays hot.

Q. What would that aggressive nature look like tomorrow in a final round when you're just a few shots back?

BRICE GARNETT: I think there is a lot of risk-reward on the back nine. If you're going to win a golf tournament out here you have to be aggressive at times ,be uncomfortable with a very nervy shot. You just have to pull it off.

We'll see where we are. See what kind of shots we need to take on. Hopefully we just ask for a chance with two or three left.

Q. What's one key that you'll use tomorrow to hopefully be able to take advantage of those down the stretch?

BRICE GARNETT: I've got to hit fairways. That's my game. I'm a Top 10 fairway guy and this is a good golf course for that, so first and foremost get it in the fairway and then, like I said, the putter has been great.

Just try to get it on the green in the right place and roll them in.

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