Travelers Championship

Sunday, June 27, 2021

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Kramer Hickok

Quick Quotes

Q. The fact that you put yourself in this playoff, birdieing the final hole, what was today like for you?

KRAMER HICKOK: It was a huge learning experience for me. It was just a tremendous day. I mean, it was just a hard-fought battle out there. Played tough. Kudos to Harris. He battled so hard. There was times I put him in a tough spot, he put me in a tough spot, and he came out on top and he's a true champion.

Q. What were you thinking on 18 and you knew you forced a playoff. What did you fall back on?

KRAMER HICKOK: I mean, it was just see ball, hit ball for me. I get in trouble when I let all the exterior distractions and intangibles get in the way, so I was just remembering all those good shots I hit.

Going back on the range this morning I was hitting that exact same shot, and I had a little adrenaline pumping so I knew it was going to be the perfect club, so it was just full commitment and let it go.

Q. The runner-up moves you inside the top 70 in FedExCup points. I know that's a bit of relief as you came into this week. What did you learn about yourself today?

KRAMER HICKOK: Well, I learn that I belong. You can always tell yourself that, but until you're -- I could have easily won today. It's just keep me head up, keep my chin up and take what I learned from today and keep battling and go next week and see what happens.

Q. That was one of the most incredible Playoffs we've ever seen. Describe to me your feelings right now.

KRAMER HICKOK: I'm tired. It was a hard-fought battle. That was our eighth playoff hole. I never thought I'd be playing 27 holes today. But the way these pins are situated and the wind, it just made it tough to make birdies on these last few holes, 17 and 18, the playoff holes. Harris battled so well and so hard.

I was just trying to put as much pressure on him as possible. He was trying to do the same. I put him in uncomfortable spots, he put me in some too, and he came out on top today, and that's a true champion.

Q. You seemed completely unfazed when you were out there. Were you feeling nerves, especially on 18 with that incredible putt that you holed? Tell me what was going through your mind.

KRAMER HICKOK: I just looked at it like it was a privilege. I just wanted to enjoy it and just take it like it is. I was just so happy to be in this situation, and I'm just going to draw on this going forward in my career and just hopefully learn a lot from it.

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