Travelers Championship

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Patrick Cantlay

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you characterize the round today?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I thought it was -- I didn't lose any momentum all day. I made a lot of par putts from range, and having a day where you don't make any bogeys is always a good day. I took advantage of the holes on the back nine that you're supposed to.

Q. When did the wind kick up in you guys' round? You saw the scores early and knew the course was going to be soft after the rain. Did you feel like you had to keep up with that or do you feel like the conditions were different for you guys?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I thought the conditions in the afternoon were a lot tougher. It was blowing as soon as I got on the first tee. Watching a little bit of the coverage this morning, I knew it was much different this afternoon than the low scores those guys put up this morning.

Hopefully we get some still morning tomorrow. Going off before 7:30, so hopefully we get at least nine holes with really benign conditions.

Q. What's your mentality when you're watching the coverage in the morning, you know what they're shooting but you know the conditions could be completely different in the afternoon? How do you process that in your mind when you go out there to play?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I think it makes you a little more conservative, especially playing shots into greens, and if you look at my round today, I had a lot of 40-foot birdie attempts that I just two-putted and then got the holes that you're supposed to, which I think is really key on this golf course is getting the shorter holes and not ever getting out of position.

I got out of position a little early in my round but made really nice par saves. I imagine I gained a lot on the putting green today, so a day like that where you gain a lot on the putting green, you should shoot a low score.

Q. With what the commissioner announced yesterday and the memo that came out to you guys, your thoughts on that?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, I think it's a step in the right direction, and I'm happy to see it, and I hope more things like that continue to happen.

Q. With this place the most starts you've made on the PGA TOUR, here, when you're out there, do you rely heavily on experience or are you just kind of taking it day by day?

PATRICK CANTLAY: Yeah, definitely. I think we see a lot of the same hole locations here year after year. Seeing the same -- they haven't made many changes since I first started coming here. I would say it's a little more penal with the hay they've put on certain holes, but in general the lines off the tee are the same, so I'm really comfortable around this golf course and feel like that's only an advantage for me.

Q. Early off in the season you started off really hot and things got a little bumpy but then went to New Orleans, won, and since then posted a lot of good results. In the middle of the season was there maybe something that you tried to work on and then you were able to come out on the other side, not just winning in New Orleans but also have that third-place finish at Memorial and a couple other good results, losing in the playoff in Hilton Head? Was there something that you did before that to try to get to this point now?

PATRICK CANTLAY: I think it's just golf. It's hard to play 20 events really, really well. If you're going to play 20 events in a season, you might have a couple hiccups along the way. In general I feel like my game has been really good this year. Haven't won as many times as I would have liked, but that's golf. You've got to keep putting yourself in position and hopefully the rest of the summer I continue to put myself in position and close the door on some.

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