Travelers Championship

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Kevin Kisner

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you characterize the round today?

KEVIN KISNER: The putter's been really good. I've given my self a lot of opportunities. Need that to stay hot for tomorrow. And just continue to work on the long game, give myself more opportunities. Hopefully I can hit it just a little bit better tomorrow and shoot something low 60s to have a chance.

Q. What's been the difference with your putter this week than maybe the past couple weeks?

KEVIN KISNER: Doesn't feel like I was rolling it bad, just not going in. That goes in waves out here. I've been out here long enough to realize it. But it sure is frustrating as hell when they're not going in and you feel like you're putting well. So you enjoy the weeks that they are.

Q. Is this a course that you always felt like you should play well on, that fits your game?

KEVIN KISNER: I do. The back nine is a little bit tough off the tee for me, feels like a lot of cuts, which is not my forte. But if you can get it in the fairway you can birdie every hole. So that's kind of the key to getting it out there. It's not long and accuracy is the key to it.

Q. Is this one of those courses, we talked before, where you said you got to, you have a certain number of courses on the PGA TOUR where the length fits you and that you kind of feel like you have to play well. Do you feel like this is one of them?

KEVIN KISNER: For sure. When you start the year I got six or eight that I really want to play well and I haven't played well at a couple of them this year. But any time you start making putts it doesn't really matter where you're playing. If you're holing the putts to keep the round together you're going to be up there near the top and I'm doing that this week.

Q. You played really well at the Match Play where it feels like you're sort of the end of a tournament on every hole in some respects. Do you feel like you ratchet things up a little bit and your game tightens up a little bit?

KEVIN KISNER: Yeah, I just always have been able to have the ability to really sharpen my focus when the pressure goes up. The harder it is and when people tell you that you should be going the other way, I seem to rise to the occasion. So hopefully that always stays with me for a few more years out here.

Q. Why do you think that is?

KEVIN KISNER: I just love beating people. And if you got a chance to beat 'em, you got to really focus. And that's kind of what I key in on in match play and you got to treat the last few holes kind of like match play coming down to have a chance to win.

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