Travelers Championship

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Min Woo Lee

Quick Quotes

Q. You were last minute into this field, right? Is it nice to take advantage and get off to a nice start today?

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, for sure. Obviously played really well last week and it was pretty much just try and rest up and feeling good before this week started.

I was pretty tired on Monday, Tuesday and didn't play the front nine until today. I couldn't because I didn't play in the pro-am.

So it was nice to play really well and get off to a hot start.

Q. Read a story that you were able to get here, you have apparently a very nice friend in high places.

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, Adam was nice enough to invite me on his plane, and, yeah, I'll keep it at that. It was a very special thing he did for me, and it's a pretty nice plane, so nice and easy.

Q. Were you going to go see your sister play this week?

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, I was supposed to go. Everything was booked. Booked a house and media stuff, too, for this week at the KPMG, and obviously ended up Top 10ing into this tournament.

Sorry, sis. Had to come play here.

Q. She's not disappointed in your or mad at you, is she?

MIN WOO LEE: No. She's probably happy. I annoy her too much.

Q. You bother looking at the board today? You're playing nicely and then you look up and Keegan's birdied five straight holes; 7-, 8-under. Does that register on the first day?

MIN WOO LEE: I think the scoring is out there. If you do everything right, it's definitely out there. I mean, I didn't think I got into that much trouble all day. For me it's a really nice course because I hit a lot of 2-irons and driver when I need to and be aggressive.

This course offers a lot of the aggressiveness and also passive so you kind of have to choose between the two. It was -- yeah, I definitely see it out there. I thought I played pretty solid, but not the best I could have.

I was 4-under, so...

Q. With special temporary membership, is there any added pressure or do you feel like no added pressure?

MIN WOO LEE: At the moment, not really, just because there is not too many events to end the season, and I'm doing pretty well in Europe with the DP World rankings, so all I needed to is play good golf when I need to and I'm doing that.

So not too much pressure. There was a bit of pressure just after The PLAYERS because I just missed out by a shot or something like that. After I got it, it was fine.

Q. Min Woo, I remember talking to you to you players and you were excited to being out here and looking forward to hopefully securing that special temporary membership. Winder what has changed for you over the last couple months and how different it feels, if you have gained a sense of comfort out here?

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, nothing really has changed. Still trying to have fun and enjoy it, and just really I guess the only thing that's changed it like my golf ball. I needed to -- when it did get windy I did struggle, so we had to look at options with my golf ball.

I changed, and ever since then it's been pretty solid, since PGA. I changed just at the beginning of the PGA major and I just ended up playing good, so it was a really good change. Yeah, just trying to stay happy.

Q. How about personally adjusting to life on the road in America. It's very different.

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, I love America, so it's nice and easy. If you want something, it's Amazon Prime right there, you get in a day.

It's nice and convenient. It's always nice to play in America, and getting fan base over here it's awesome. Even at 7:00, 6:45 in the morning there were guys screaming -- well, not screaming but shouting my name and slogans, so it's awesome, and hopefully I can keep it going.

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