Travelers Championship

Friday, June 23, 2023

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Zac Blair

Quick Quotes

Q. Out early in the morning; 5-under for the day. What did you like about the second round heading into the weekend?

ZAC BLAIR: Yeah, played pretty it good. Kind of grind a little more today than yesterday. You know, I had to save a few for par. Always good to have no bogeys so good round.

Q. Where are you in your medical status? I always lose track of that.

ZAC BLAIR: I think I got like eight starts left, so kind of basically just play the rest of the year and then -- I've basically just used it all this season, so kind of going on this year's points more than my points.

Probably end up being pretty close to the same. I got seven starts left, I guess.

Q. So it's not like very week you're like, oh, my god, this is the week I have to...

ZAC BLAIR: Yeah, I've really just been basing it off this year. So, play good, figure it out at the end.

Q. You play here you know you have to just keep making birdies. Is that sometimes more pressure on that than saying, okay, 70 is a good score, 71 is a good score?

ZAC BLAIR: Yeah, I mean, every year it seems like it's pretty low here. And it's pretty firm this year so far. Like the balls are kind of rolling out and everything, so the scores have been really good.

Seems like you got probably keep doing that the next couple days.

Yeah, I think every week is different though. You know, sometimes you get on a place and you know you have to go really low and it's easy, and then sometimes, like this week, you got to hit good shots and make the putts.

Q. Did it ever get to the point where you thought a couple years ago that maybe I won't be on the PGA TOUR and just build a great golf course and run the pro shop?

ZAC BLAIR: Well, you know, the first year when you're kind of out, I didn't really get to touch a club for a long time and it was actually pretty nice just hanging out at home being with the family. You're on the road your whole life as a pro golfer. It was cool to just be able to hang out with them.

But, yeah, never really thought about like not playing anymore, so definitely nice to be back out.

Q. On that note, I wanted to ask you about the tree farm. Based on watching you on social media, it seems like when you're on the road you go out and take in the places where you are, go check out other courses. I can't think of any other guys that seem to enjoy the ride more than you. I am wondering if the process of building your own course and going through the understanding of that has reignited the passion for the game?

ZAC BLAIR: Yeah, it's funny. My first handful of the years out on the TOUR I would go and try and play a few places. That was part of the process for me of figuring out what makes places good and seeing great golf courses and clubs.

I kind of stopped doing that a little bit the last handful of years. Obviously didn't play for a couple years, and this year I've just been really kind of at the tournament course.

And funny enough, this week kind of went on a little bit of a heater. Played Eastward Ho! before we came in and Fishers Island on Tuesday, and then played Winged Foot on Wednesday.

So, I just love playing golf, and love seeing cool places so it's been fun to do something like that again.

Q. You mentioned being home for a little bit. I see your family out here with you quite a bit. Just talk about that journey and how nice it is to have them along for it.

ZAC BLAIR: Yeah, it's awesome having them out any time. It's tough having two little ones. My wife is so great at keeping it together and being a mom.

So I'm hoping they'll come out maybe next week or the week after that. It's hard to travel with two little kids under three by yourself. She sometimes comes out when I can help or she has help.

Always good to have them out for sure.

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