Travelers Championship

Friday, June 23, 2023

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Ben James

Quick Quotes

Q. I'm sure you're not in love with the two days here, but what do you take from this week?

BEN JAMES: Yeah, again, great experience. Definitely something I'll learn from and try to get better from.

Again, it's always great having family and friends come out and watch. Yeah, it's really special week, so can't thank Nathan and Andy enough for inviting me and having me come play in this event.

Q. Are you going through your mind, what I could have done better?

BEN JAMES: It just wasn't my day today, my week this week. I hit a lot of good putts; didn't go in. Actually drove it pretty good today; just scores didn't add up very good.

But it is what it is. It's golf. Playing again next week, so...

That's all it is.

Q. Talk about that short memory. How much do you have to have a short memory to let this go? I know it's hard because it's your home tournament, but...

BEN JAMES: Yeah, it's hard, but obviously the best players have that short memory, so you got to try to put this in the past and just get ready for next week.

Q. What's the learning curve that you had getting ready for Virginia and learning curve that you played twice here. What's different here than the other tournaments?

BEN JAMES: Just the noise around. Just like not necessarily the people but just everything else going on. I mean, just like the pace of the round. It's a little different as well.

But outside of that, really just golf.

Q. Is there extra energy, nervous energy? I know you went off the first tee the other day. A lot of people there. You didn't love you tee shot but you're getting applause. They are constantly applauding everything, which you want the positive reinforcement, but is there extra pressure when you're playing in front of so many family and friends?

BEN JAMES: Today actually I was okay. Didn't really feel nervous at all. Just didn't really play too well.

But yesterday I felt that. Today I was fine. Was relaxed and thought I was going to play good, but just didn't happen.

Q. On the flip side of those nerves, what's it like or the nerves of having family and friends maybe around and your own big posse following you at the end of the day when you don't have a round you love and still have the cheers? We hear it on 18. What does that mean to you?

BEN JAMES: That's awesome. That's really special. Obviously all Milford was here for Andy and I, both playing at Great River. I mean, the whole Great River was there. That was great to see that.

And just obviously my parents being here. They're going to love me no matter what I shoot, so that's always a great reinforcement, and having all of Connecticut is really cool. Just seeing them support me and the other golfers here, it's pretty special.

Q. Ben, how interesting was it to share a grouping with Andy considering the history you guys have had together?

BEN JAMES: Yeah, so I didn't really know him until our U.S. Open qualifying, but, man, he's a great player. Hits it great off the tee. Putted really good today.

Obviously we play at the same club, so hopefully I can get some pointers from him going forward. I wish him all the best this weekend. It was really cool to watch and observe what he did. Played very well last two days.

Q. Any Great River talk out there to loosen the moment a little bit?

BEN JAMES: I mean, he was fighting for the cut the whole day, which I understood. Do your own thing. But, no.

Q. Where do you go next?

BEN JAMES: Southern Am. It's July, late July, so I have a little bit of time off. Just go out there and -- it's in -- I don't know where it's. I'm blanking on where it is.

Q. I know it's a ways away, but considering the success you had at Virginia your first year, how does this help you moving forward to continue to compete in the ACC and continue to compete at a national level?

BEN JAMES: Yeah, no, we played really good team -- very unfortunate, but we were close to beating Florida in that quarterfinal match and we only lost one guy, so we are again looking to make another strong run.

College golf is awesome. I mean, with what the PGA TOUR has done with PGA TOUR U, like staying in school is the right move. Just we have a chance to win a national title the next three years, so really excited to do that.

Coaches are great. Happy to get back there in August.

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