Travelers Championship

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Cromwell, Connecticut, USA

TPC River Highlands

Brett Stegmaier

Quick Quotes

Q. Brett, after the joy of making the cut, feeling pretty good, what was the day like for you out there?

BRETT STEGMAIER: Yeah, yesterday was obviously nerve-wracking and certainly excited to make the cut.

Fridays are usually difficult for me. I probably played to the cut more than I should instead of trying to shoot as low as I can.

But played nicely yesterday and got off to a pretty good start today. Made a good birdie on 14.

Kind of made a mess of 15 but got up and down for par.

Then just got caught with a bad wind on 16 and hit it over the green and made bogey, and just felt like all the momentum for the day kind of went the other way. Just felt impossible to make a birdie coming in.

But got one more day, and hopefully shoot a low one tomorrow.

Q. It's been a while since you played a weekend on the PGA TOUR.


Q. Was it kind of a weird experience for you again or did you just fall back into it?

BRETT STEGMAIER: Yeah, weird in the sense that I'm hit it farther than I'm used to. It's been probably since Q-School that I was amped up in the tournament, so probably half club longer and some swirling winds and got in between clubs and fired it over a couple greens.

So weird in that sense.

But, you know, nice to be nervous and thinking and have all the anxiety that most players do out here. Certainly different than playing at home. But, yeah, disappointing to not move up a little today.

Got tomorrow. I'm sure I'll go off early and hopefully shoot a low one.

Q. Must be a satisfying week for you making the cut playing so close to home. But what would make an exceptional week for you tomorrow?

BRETT STEGMAIER: Yeah, I think if I'm being honest, just making the cut. I haven't made a lot of the money in the last two years not having status, great status this year.

So at the end of the day we're all out here to make a living. The fact that I'll walk away with a pretty nice check is certainly -- you know, starting the day Monday I think anybody at the Monday qualifier would've taken my position now.

But, yeah, certainly nothing to lose. Play my game tomorrow and hopefully make a few putts and shoot something mid-60s hopefully.

Q. You say play your game, but does the strategy change at all the given today's round?

BRETT STEGMAIER: I don't think so. I stick pretty close to my process. I do Decade, and I think a lot of guys do that. I've never played well trying to shoot 62s, so, yeah, I don't really ever have a number in mind.

There is a ton of short irons here. If you're off you can get in some bad spots and that's kind of what happened today. There are certainly low ones out there. Guys are disciplined -- disciplined but aggressive I would say, and that's kind of how the Decade process teaches you to play. A lot of guys do that out here.

Yeah, I'm certainly not playing any different than I would if I was leading by seven or missing the cut by ten.

It's all pretty much the same.

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