John Deere Classic

Friday, July 9, 2021

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Zach Johnson

Quick Quotes

Q. Your overall impressions? Gave yourself a lot of chances today.

ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I'm going to stick to the positives. As a competitor, you always look at what could have been. I'm making way too many bogeys. I can fix that, especially from the middle of the fairway. That's the problem.

A lot of chances. I haven't really putted great yet. I'm not out of it, but there has to be a few more. I've certainly got the opportunity on the weekend to make a charge. If I keep driving it in the fairway, I can make a charge.

Q. The approach coming in on 9 was really neat.

ZACH JOHNSON: Oh, geez, yeah. The worst drive of the week showed up on that hole. It was awful. And then very difficult predicament there. I had to hit my highest lofted club on my second shot and obviously hit a good third shot, but yeah, that helps and gives you a little more sleep, which my body needs it.

Q. Do you feel comfortable where you're at heading into the weekend?

ZACH JOHNSON: I mean, yeah, you never know. I've been leading by a lot and lost and I've been way back and won. The beauty of it is I've got 36 more holes of trying to climb the board. And I know the golf course. I don't feel like I've had my best yet at all. It's time for that to surface.

Q. Talk about 18.

ZACH JOHNSON: That was awful.

Q. Has the experience helped you get over that and not carry that on?

ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, that's sports. I don't think it matters what profession you're in, you have to turn the page immediately and just legitimately forget about it. Three-putting and 6s might be my least two favorite things in this game, but that one took a little while to get over -- I hit two really good shots on 1. Didn't make birdie but hit two really good shots, and I started playing decent after that. You have to get over it. You have to turn the page.

Q. Still feel confident that you can get the win?

ZACH JOHNSON: Yes. Is that rhetorical? Yeah, I would not be playing out here if I did not think I could win. I don't come out here to do anything but that. The nice thing is if you don't, you can still make a living. But that's not my motivation.

Q. Do you have the same competitive fire that you've always had?

ZACH JOHNSON: Arguably more, yeah. My body is not where it was 20 years ago, but my mind and certainly my will and motivation are equal if not heightened. I mean, there's no point in coming out here just trying to pay for the necessities of life. You want to come out here and win. That's what you do.

It's hard. It's very, very difficult. Again, it's getting harder by the second. But I like that, too. I like working. I don't mind the work.

Q. Do you think about the future, with your kids? Do you want them to play this game?

ZACH JOHNSON: Yeah, I mean, I've always felt -- I'm always kind of just staying in the moment, so whatever does happen, transpire, is supposed to happen. Certainly my priority is them. I kind of feel like that question will be answered just naturally, organically. I'm 45, and I feel like I've got more time and great golf ahead of me, so hopefully that'll continue to happen. Hopefully that'll be a part of my future. But if it doesn't, it's for good reason. I don't know why that -- nothing right now. My family knows this is my job, and they support me in that.

Q. Would you be interested in playing the Senior Tour?

ZACH JOHNSON: I haven't given it a thought. I know it's inevitable, that it'll be a discussion item at some point, but if I'm healthy and it's where I'm supposed to be, then again, it'll happen the way it's supposed to happen. I don't have any idea.

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