John Deere Classic

Friday, July 9, 2021

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Chesson Hadley

Quick Quotes

Q. Another good round for you today. How do you like the position you're in?

CHESSON HADLEY: Yeah, I'm in a good spot for the weekend, which is nice. We dodged some weather this morning, so I didn't have to take my rain jacket out, which was muy bien. Yeah, 11-under, we're in a good spot. I would like to hit a few balls this afternoon, and I felt like I was getting a little loose there on the way in. Just go to the range, tighten a few things up and get ready for the weekend.

Q. When you look back on today's round, what stands out to you?

CHESSON HADLEY: I guess I just kind of hung in there the last -- I hit a really, really bad drive on No. 5, and I just didn't drive the ball well today, so I just kind of hung in there and just kind of missed it in some good spots and got the ball up-and-down when I needed to. I made a few putts. I still felt like I left a couple out there.

Yeah, we shot 3-under and I didn't feel like I played very good, so that's great. That's huge.

Q. When you think back to the Palmetto, is there any extra motivation, a little chip on your shoulder to finish the job?

CHESSON HADLEY: Sure. You know, that was kind of a -- hopefully we can look back and say that was a turning point of my year and career maybe if you want to. I mean, obviously that tournament was bittersweet, but I kind of am very over that and certainly motivated to do better this weekend if the opportunity arises for sure.

Q. What do you think it would take for you this weekend personally, for your own game?

CHESSON HADLEY: I think it's just all about execution. If you're executing, it's going to be -- you're going to feel comfortable because you know where the ball is going and you have control, and you're always going to hit poor shots and just kind of be aware that that is going to happen, and then when it does, it's not shocking or gets you uncomfortable and then you kind of let things slide.

I think it's just about hitting some shots the way you want to hit them early. Yeah, just kind of find that comfort level.

You can't cruise out here at this course. You've got to keep making birdies because everybody else will be.

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