John Deere Classic

Friday, July 9, 2021

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Chase Seiffert

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round today, you started on 10, bogey at 18 to make the turn and just went nuts, 6-under through six holes. Can you take us through that stretch and what clicked for you?

CHASE SEIFFERT: Absolutely. I was hitting the ball great all day. I had an incredible warmup which was nice. I felt like I had control of my ball, and I got a little greedy on 18 and attacked a pin I really shouldn't have but knew I was playing well. And then hit it pretty close on 1, made a nice long putt on 2 and then the pitch-in on 3 was really fortunate because that was a tough pitch. I would have been happy with par for sure, but to see those things go in, sometimes you need good breaks to happen for sure.

Q. What were you feeling best about your game coming into the week and did that hold up for you?

CHASE SEIFFERT: I was starting to putt the ball really well in Detroit, which was a good thing because I'd been hitting the ball reasonable but not really seeing any balls go in. Friday of Detroit I really made some nice putts and felt really good about that, and once the ball-striking really started clicking yesterday afternoon or yesterday on the second nine, and then today it was nice to kind of mix them both together.

Q. After a round like this, how do you kind of keep that momentum without getting ahead of yourself? In other words, how are you kind of poised to head into the weekend?

CHASE SEIFFERT: I'm just going to go hit a few balls and kind of decompress a little bit, use that as a little cool-down, so to speak, work on a few things, but more just kind of get some energy out because I'm kind of amped up right now. And then try to do the same things, have a nice dinner and get to sleep in, which is nice tomorrow, late tee time. But just enjoy it. It's nice to be back playing good golf.

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