John Deere Classic

Friday, July 9, 2021

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Lucas Glover

Quick Quotes

Q. Dinner will certainly taste a lot better tonight after that 8-under 63 today. Birdies on four of your last six holes. Just a few comments on the round, what you felt was going right.

LUCAS GLOVER: Yeah, no, it was good. Got off to a hot start and then kind of leveled off and picked it back up there towards the end. I wedged it very nice today and putted well, which you have to do here, because you get a lot of opportunities, and distance control is pretty important, and I did a good job of that today and then putted nice.

Q. You've made a handful of starts here and you've, I think, top-tenned in your last one in 2019. What is it about this course that serves you well?

LUCAS GLOVER: I just like it. It's in perfect shape for starters. It's a fun golf course, and you know barring some crazy conditions, you're going to get a lot of opportunities. If you're putting okay you're going to make some birdies, which is always a good feeling.

I've always liked this event and liked the people here and the tournament, and they do a great job.

Q. What have you felt most comfortable, confident with coming into the week?

LUCAS GLOVER: Nothing. No, I had a good Sunday last week. I didn't play well Friday, Saturday, but I had a good Sunday and brought some stuff here from Sunday that were good. Yesterday was a little scrappy, but today everything kind of clicked.

Just still trying to get better.

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