John Deere Classic

Thursday, June 30, 2022

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Christopher Gotterup

Quick Quotes

Q. Just get some general comments about your opening round today.

CHRISTOPHER GOTTERUP: Yeah, when we started it was pretty windy out there. Probably the first nine holes was a good challenge for sure; the back has got some gettable holes, and I took advantage of those on 17, 14, and I got lucky with a nice hole-out on 12 there.

Yeah, just a solid round. Excited for the rest of the week.

Q. Talk about the hole-out on 12.

CHRISTOPHER GOTTERUP: I wasn't planning on putting it in that bunker. That was not the best shot off the tee. I knew I just had to hit it onto the green with the slope there. I had a good chance to get it close and I hit it off, it came off perfect, and just kept trickling, trickling, and disappeared.

That was nice to get the ball rolling that way.

Q. Three shots off the lead, does the mentality change knowing the conditions might be more gettable in the morning?

CHRISTOPHER GOTTERUP: No, it's the same golf course. Honestly that back nine was pretty gettable, so, yeah, I don't think it changes at all. There are certain holes you got to attack and certain holes you got to pay attention and maybe focus a little bit harder.

I don't think it changes much.

Q. What's it like being in this position?

CHRISTOPHER GOTTERUP: It's cool. It's cool. I was talking to my coach the other day. After making a couple cuts it definitely eases you a little bit. I was just saying I'm tired of playing to make the cut, kind of grinding to get that number, rather than just don't have a number in my head and go out and play really well.

I'm happy I did that today.

Q. Did you change your approach to the round today then?

CHRISTOPHER GOTTERUP: Yeah, I definitely changed my approach a little bit. You know, I've been working on trying to play more aggressive rather than -- but in the right spots, not being over aggressive. There are some run-offs here that can get you in some big trouble.

So it's definitely being aggressive and playing with a little less care I would say, but not caring too much is probably the right word to say. Yeah, other than that, it's still the same. Just got to go out and hit the shots.

Q. Two bogeys in the round, correct?


Q. 3 and 13. What happened on those?

CHRISTOPHER GOTTERUP: 3 I hit a really good shot in there. Landed probably eight feet from the hole, and we might have just gotten the number wrong with the wind or whatnot.

Yeah, I will live with that one. Like I said, I was trying to play aggressive there and hit a nice shot in there and not leave myself 40 feet putting up across the green.

That's kind of the thing I can live with, executing a shot that I wanted to hit and just didn't work out.

Then 13 was the other one; 13 I hit not a great drive and actually hit a good shot, just rolled over the green and missed about a four-footer for par. Honestly that probably got my round going because I was so angry with myself. After a nice hole-out there, to give up a shot on probably one of the easier holes on the course got me probably more focused than if I didn't make bogey there.

Q. Any concerns going to bed tonight in this position?

CHRISTOPHER GOTTERUP: No, not at all. I bet I'll be in bed by 8:30. Yeah, it's been a long couple weeks honestly just coming straight from Grayhawk and Big12s into four straight weeks. I've had no problem getting to sleep on the road here. Not too worried about it.

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