John Deere Classic

Friday, July 1, 2022

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Matthias Schwab

Quick Quotes

Q. Obviously a great start or great finish to your round. Just talk about the round, especially to finish the way you did. Got to feel good going into the weekend.

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, I had a really nice back nine. 6-under on my last nine holes was great. I mean, hit some nice shots and then made a lot of putts.

Things just kind of clicked I would say. It was fun to be out there.

Q. Where were you during the rain delay? Was there a difference? Was there any difference with the conditions when you got back out from the hour rain delay?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I was on 14. I had just hit my drive on the green, so I had an eagle putt. I walked off with a birdie on 14.

But, yeah, there was -- after the horn blew there was no wind. The greens were nice and soft, receptive. I think it'll be nice and low scoring in the afternoon as well.

Q. Four birdies after the rain delay. Was there a mental reset in the clubhouse or did you come out with a different mentality the last five holes?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: No, there was no reset. I had a three-footer to restart the day for birdie; that went in. It was nice. Just hit them close and made a few putts.

I don't really know, there was no difference in the approach.

Q. What happened on 7 and 8? You played so well and just looked like maybe a little mental lapse.

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, just made two bogeys. It happens. 7 is not that easy. I missed the green; didn't get up and down.

Then on 8 missed green with a wedge in my hands. Yeah, dumb mistake, but it happens.

Q. How do you feel you're playing this year? You've had some good tournaments. Obviously good first two days here. How do you feel like you've settled into this year on tour?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I mean, I think I've had a pretty good season so far. The results haven't shown it that much. Last few months were tough result-wise. I think the game is on the right track. The first two days here have shown that.

I hope I can keep it up and have a good weekend and then a nice finish to the season.

Q. As you manage your game on each of the courses that you visit, I'm sure adding to your lead each day is in your mind, but how much more important is it this time of year on this course to be productive each day knowing how low it's going to take usually to win the John Deere Classic?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Well, for me it's my first time here so I don't really know what the normal winning score will be, or usually is.


Q. 20-under.

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Yeah, I can see that. You have a lot of wedges. It's soft greens with not much wind, which usually makes scoring pretty low, so it's not surprising.

Q. As this is your first John Deere Classic and being a foreign national that went to Vanderbilt, do you have any sense of what this tournament means to the community, the people you met with? Have you had any feel beyond your focus on the game?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: Not really. I saw that John Deere is very huge in this town. I went to the John Deere Pavilion or museum on Monday to look at some of the tractors, because where I grew up there were a lot of farmers and actually a few John Deere tractors, too.

So, yeah, looked at that, but apart from that, I'm not sure.

Q. What's the first time you played this course? Was it Tuesday?


Q. Okay. I guess it's fitting your eye pretty well. Is it comparable to anything you played, any other stops on tour?

MATTHIAS SCHWAB: I mean, no, not really. I mean, yeah, it fits my eye. I had a good practice day on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yeah, the game works quite okay at the moment so that's nice.

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