John Deere Classic

Friday, July 1, 2022

Silvis, Illinois, USA

TPC Deere Run

Michael Gligic

Quick Quotes

Q. You always wonder how you back up a 64; you decided to do it with another round in the 60s, 69. Really solid 36 holes for you. Tell me about your day.

MICHAEL GLIGIC: Yeah, just plotted my way around again. Didn't make as many putts as yesterday, but gave myself a lot of looks. Probably hit a lot of greens again today. We are going to look at the stats.

Yeah, hopefully good going into this weekend.

Q. Did the rain change the golf course at all from what you began with and what you finished with and what you experienced on Thursday?

MICHAEL GLIGIC: Maybe a little bit. Not a whole lot. I was inside. Not even sure how much it rained.

It might have played a little bit softer. We took it into account just a little bit. But for the most part it's been fairly soft all week, so been able to come up with some pins.

Q. You said you planned your way and strategized around the golf course. How many drives did that include?

MICHAEL GLIGIC: Just a handful probably, maybe four or five. A lot of 3-woods, couple 3-irons. Just been a mixed bag off the tee.

Q. It's that time of year where everyone tries to collect as many FedExCup points as possible. What's the strategy on the weekend?

MICHAEL GLIGIC: I'm not one to really look at the boards or the FedExCup too much. I'm just going to try and play two more good rounds of golf and see how it holds up Sunday. Hopefully we're in contention with a chance to win.

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